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Sunday, May 2, 2010


Ok, so we had a little rain today...ok a lot of rain. I left at 8:30 and couldn't get back until almost 1pm. We were totally flooded out! Anywho...

So J and I are getting rid of toys we have doubles of...mainly a ton of bullets. Basically we have all these toys that are the same and it is totally pointless. I am also working on a new video review that will be up this week (hopefully), so that should be interesting enough. It is for a glow in the dark dildo...just try to picture that kick-ass review. I reorganized all my toys today because I was crazy bored. So all my vaginal balls, my Vamp, and my Sexy Bunny are all right next to the bed now. I also have my chocolate sauce, a few condoms, a cock ring, some toy wipes, and nipple clamps in there (this is my corset box). I put most of the other toys in the closet locked in my Devine Playchest.

Also, while I was perusing a blog, I saw the video of Christina Aguilara's "Not Myself Tonight." Umm, that ball gag? I want. I am considering altering the one I have now as a result. BTW, the video is very Madonna-esqu...I kind of liked it. Alright...that's it for tonight.