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Monday, May 17, 2010

Here's a toy I can sink my teeth into

Twi-hards everywhere are ecstatic. So thanks to Tantus (and the amazing Carrie Ann, who sent this to me for Christmas) you can now have Edward any time you would like. Seriously. The Vamp. A solid silicone dildo measuring about 6.25 inchs (insertable) long and 1.5 inches thick, the Vamp is just what you would expect from Edward. It is a very pale skin tone with light sparkles that shine in the light, just like the real vampires (you know, if there were any...and if there were, I wouldn't need a dildo...I would just fuck one of them).

At first glance I thought the Vamp was massive. I generally don't get anything over 1.25 inches thick, but I made the sacrifice just so I could tell people I had one. The Vamp holds warmth as well as cool. You can warm it up in a bowl of warm water (please don't use the microwave, you could get a bad way), or you can choose to cool it in ice water for that "I am fucking a vampire" feeling.

The head of the toy is very pronounced and offers a lot of sensation upon insertion, but I have to say that the veining and whatnot, yeah, you can't feel it at all unless you are like uber~sensitive. The base is wide enough for safe anal play (and the material can be sanitized) or to be used in a harness for some strap~on play. The silicone is pliable, but is not so flexible that inserting the toy becomes a pain in the ass (literally for some people). The silicone is also slick enough that playing vaginally with no lubricant can actually be done, but remember to use lube while playing anally.

Because of the shape of the head of the Vamp and the slickness of the silicone I don't have too much drag while using it, and it (miraculously doesn't do the infamous "pop" in and out of my body. It actually flows very nicely. I do find myself cleaning off lint all the time, but this is no different from any other silicone toy I happen to own, so no biggie really...I just keep a package of Afterglow wipes by the bed to clean it off with from time to time.

Who might like the Vamp?
Twi~hards world wide. And anyone else who might like a pretty and well made dildo. The size seems large compared to a one inch toy, so don't be shocked when you see it. The size isn't all that huge of a deal, it is still small enough for anyone to use really. Anyone who likes anal play, dildos (in general) and strap~on play might enjoy the Vamp more than they realize. The only thing I would recommend is to know ahead of time what size dildo you like. The Vamp doesn't get wider as it goes in, but rather, it begins that way. It is a phallic shape, and stays true to the size through the entire shaft.

Proper Care & Maintenance
I store my Vamp in a drawstring bag beside my bed {see photo}. I also clean it before and after every use. You can clean your Vamp with warm soap and water, a toy cleaner, boil it, bleach it, or put it on the top rack of your dishwasher. It is fairly easy to maintain. The slickness of the silicone makes all the dust rinse right off. The one restriction to this is lubricant. Water based lubes will not interact with the silicone, but everything else will. I patch tested mine on the bottom and it did not react well with a silicone lubricant, so be careful.

Play safe and have fun :)

product picture
Dildo by Tantus
Material: Silicone