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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bubblicious...I just had to!

Ok, so I was lucky enough to be sent the Fun Factory click 'n charge Bubbles Vibe by Babeland to review. Um...yes, yes, YES.

Let me begin with the fact that before Bubbles I had zero experience with a Fun Factory toy, plus no experience with a rechargeable toy. Double points for Babeland and Fun Factory for me :)

Ok, well Bubbles is a short and thick vibrator that looks like a stack of, you guessed it, bubbles. It comes in pink and blue (mine is a gorgeous light pink) and is about 1.5 inches thick (it feels a lot thicker though). The staggering of the bubbles makes for some amazing sensations for insertion. It is pure silicone (no silicone lube...don't forget) and about three inches (that can be inserted anyway) long. The silicone is soft and sort of squishy. There are 10...yes 10...speeds, all of which are surprisingly strong for such a small toy. The Bubbles vibe also offers 5 pulsating options!!! Holy shit!

To top all that off it is waterproof! Plus the whole rechargeable thing? Amazing. I was in awe of this toy when I got it. And it is quickly becoming my new go to vibe.

The power of the motor makes this an exceptional vibrator for anyone. If you prefer only clitoral stimulation (like me) this is still a great toy as well; the curve of the bubbles is perfect for comfortable holding for clitoral use. The vibration is felt through the entire vibrator rather than in just the base like in so many other vibes. It is a perfect gift for someone you know who is a toy enthusiast; believe me, they will be thanking you for a while for this gift.

The controls are great. Just hold the + down to turn it on, then just push the + or - to change speeds. To get the multi-functions going hold the + down again and sift through using the +/- controls. It can get confusing during use unless you are only using the multi-speed part, but that is so easily overlooked because of all the other great features.

Now, because this is basically a mini-vibe it isn't the best for g-spot stimulation. Keep that in mind if you are looking for g-spot stimulation in your toy. You can pick up the Bubbles Vibe and all your other sex toys at

Thank you to Babeland for providing this toy for review.