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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Like Hershey's only sexy


Love, sensual, taste, most girls love me...

So it is no wonder over priced chocolate sauces made for body painting are common now. It is sexy and naughty, and people love that. Why pay more though for basic chocolate? Ambiance people. Ambiance.

The Shunga Body Paint is one of those "overpriced body paints" that have become so popular. I have to admit, food in the bed grosses me out. Massively. I think it is so nasty and food should stay in the kitchen, and furthermore, food on me? Oh. No. Well, I knew I was breaking my own boundaries with this body paint, but, no gain. Right? Right.

First, the bottle is adorable. I love the glass bottle and the awesome little paint stick it comes with. They are elegant, sensual, and clean. Just dip the tip into the bottle and paint, write, whatever on your partner. You can trace the chocolate with your own tongue and lips and enjoy your closeness. The body painting is extremely erotic, and I can't say enough about that.

Cleanup...well, you have a few choices. Ok, only one, but still. Attempting cleanup is a blast. You can lick it of or dip fruit in it right off your partner, so on and so forth. Afterward...shower. I don't care if it is together or whatever, but you need to shower to get the shit off.

Hershey's. Seriously. It tastes like Hershey's. I even went as far as to make chocolate milk with it. That is how much like Hershey's sauce it was. It took me back to this winter in the Hershey factory in PA, it brought back the same smells, tastes, and everything.

I was in a state of shock when I discovered this, but whatever. We normally don't do food during sex; it really isn't our kinda thing, so this is actually good for me. I can use it for desserts or any other thing I really want to.

Overall, I must say I would actually purchase the Shunga Chocolate Body Sauce for a bedroom adventure. It is incredibly sexy and sensual and can bring a romantic evening to anyone, even those who aren't into kink. This is an amazing alternative to spice up the bedroom without getting all wild and crazy.

Thanks to for sending me this item to review