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Monday, May 10, 2010

pardon me, monsieur...

Cutesy, pink and ruffly is all I can say. The Parodon my french cami set is so flippin' cute! So the main material is a solid pink microfiber with white ruffles piped in black. The whole color scheme is very girly and very subdued. Not quite something you might choose as the hottest or sexiest item you own.

The cami runs a little short for my tastes, I prefer stuff longer, bat hey that's just me. The ruffles run along the breast line. They are about an inch thick each and there are three. In theory this should accentuate the breasts, but apparently my breasts are a jacked-the-hell-up shape because they just looked odd and floppy. Since I don't have perky DD boobs this lingerie quickly degraded from hot sex lingerie to cutesy bedtime lingerie. Oops, I forgot the bow. A satin bow adorns the top center of the top. There, now you made that big of an impression.

So while the top is cute, unfortunately the list of cons just outweighs the top's cuteness. Basically, the straight across the breast cut was less than flattering and while sleeping in it I woke up several times with my breast hanging out. No. J is not in town, The straps were fine, normally I would have not liked the placement, you know the outer areas of your breast like convertible strapless bra strap placement, but the softness of the microfiber allowed it to be comfortable. And to add insult to injury on the breast issue, if you don't have a flat abdomen, you can expect the top to continuously roll upward. So if you look at all like me (you know, a girl who isn't quite heavy, but has given birth twice and doesn't have rockin' abs) you can expect your boobs to fall out and the top to fall below them, and then the top will roll upward. Yeah, that's sexy. But I still think the top is cute and kinda like it.

Panties? Yeah, they made it a little higher on my list. They are comfortable for one. The panties are a bikini style cut with the same three inch ruffle line at the top as the cami has. In addition to soft microfiber, and a classic and comfy cut there is a gorgeous key hole cut in the back of the panties at the top with an adorable bow layered over it. I am in love with the panties, can't you tell? Oh, and they are cotton lined on the inside for breathe-ability. They are a classic and flattering design that anyone can comfortably wear.

Care and maintenance? I do all my lingerie (even though this material is strong enough to tough it out regular style) the same. In a lingerie bag. On delicate. In Woolite. Period. No variations. You can also hand wash if you prefer, I am just not that damned motivated about laundry. As for drying, lay flat and allow the pieces to dry. I usually throw mine in the dryer on cool with a dryer sheet to avoid static (because microfiber is the king of static electricity) and to fluff and make the set smell all pretty.

Overall this is a decent set. For me, the panties make the set. I wasn't overly thrilled with the top. I actually found it annoying how it could find a way to insult my body at each turn. Oh well. The panties were amazing, a key holed back to show just enough to entice anyone around you, the frilly ruffles along the top, and the forethought of being lined in cotton were all enough to make me squeal for joy. Honestly, I think anyone would look damn hot in these panties, even Jack Black. This cami set is a cute one for the right body, but for the rest of us who aren't perfect the pardon my french set would likely be best left as a sexy sleepwear outfit.