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Monday, May 10, 2010

Club hoppin vibe

The Club Vibe by OhMiBod is revolutionary, ok, maybe not compared to their other products, but come on! This small bullet can keep the orgasms rolling all night. So what the hell is the Club Vibe? Well, basically it is a small pink bullet connected to a remote that can be set to manual (you turn it on and off), connected to your MP3 player, or just left on to vibrate to the beat of the music (or voices). I was in love. At first it was just a moment of, oh...another bullet, great! I was wrong. This isn't just another bullet, it is powerful and innovative.

The club vibe bullet is an average size, and it comes with a cute pair (unfortunately one size fits all) of black thong panties that can house the bullet with the cord coming out and connecting to the remote that has a small buckle (much like a pager) that can hook to your pants. The vibrator will move to the bass of the music or to voices for differing vibration levels and patterns. The bullet is made up of plastic, so it can be easily cleaned with a toy cleaner. Take care not to get the cord in water.

The vibrations are rumbly. I am not one to prefer the sharper buzzy-er vibration of other vibrators. This is a deep rumble that has more power than the higher pitched vibes. The Club Vibe is strong, strong enough to not need any assistance in giving me orgasm (usually I need a ton of style). I love this strong little vibe. It is string enough for me, it can be placed in any set of panties where the liner is opened on one end, and it can truly be worn out discreetly. Beyond that, this is a well made vibe that will last a long time, and it even comes with a carry pouch so you can put it away safely after each use.

You can get your Club Vibe at

Thank you to Good Vibrations for providing this product for review in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.