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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I love bunnies, I really do

I really, really, wanted to love this adorable bunny (rabbit) vibrator. But, I didn't. Now, that isn't to say I hated it, just...meh, ok. The Sexy Bunny vibe is cute, I mean damned adorable really. So this vibrator is made of silicone, and let me tell you it is a lint catcher and a half (that's ok though because who can be mad a cute little bunny?); the bunny vibe is a tall bunny rabbit, face and all, so if you aren't too discreet with your toys this is definitely one you can leave out on the dresser. The bunny is just over 1.5 inches thick, about average for a rabbit vibe.

Now, I (I have no idea why though) thought the head rotated...yeah...I was wrong. There are pearls inside that rotate in both directions. Unfortunately you can't feel the pearls at all during use, but they didn't stop working while inserted either and that is a common complaint of rabbit style vibrators. The rotation buttons are on/off and a change direction button. Simple as pie. The vibration levels are low and high. There is a dedicated on/off button (I noticed no loss of motor power while having both going at one time); I only wish there were more speed variations on this toy.

The clitoral vibrator is {like usual, a bullet} a smaller rabbit with long soft ears. The ears do offer some amazing clitoral stimulation, you know, because I was sure that part would be horrible based on past experience and what I have heard. The ears flap fast, so if you don't need firm pressure achieve orgasm this is a great option for you. I prefer pressure, but I was able to get what I needed from the nose of the little bunny.

I have this stored in a small decorative box beside my bed with a little bag of Afterglow Wipes in there as well for easy clean up (be sure to still use toy cleaner and water every now and again to be sure the toy is totally clean). I also keep a small bottle of water based lubricant in there so I don't inadvertently use silicone (which would damage the toy).

The Sexy Bunny is waterproof. I know this for a fact. First, when you open the bottom to insert the batteries (4 AAA) you will notice a second battery cap to seal the battery compartment. I did test this toy in the tub, and it came out like new. Overall this is a quality toy; it is simple, but gets the job done and looks damn cute doing I said, I just wish there were more options with the speed, and that I could actually feel the pearl rotations.

Thank you to Babeland for providing me with this toy to review.