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Monday, December 14, 2009

A clean glow

So, ya know how when you want to use your toys you sometimes need to re-clean them? And doesn't it just suck to have to get up and clean off those toys right after you are done and all you want to do is sleep? Or maybe you have family or roommates and you just don't want to leave your room with an arm load of sex toys? You know what I really hate? When you're about to use a toy (and you're really into your session, whatever it is) and there is lint all over it and you have to get up and go rinse it off because there is no way you are using that fur covered toy in your body. I hate that.

So basically you're left with this nagging feeling and annoying voice telling you to take care of your toys, but you just want to curl up and stay cozy for a while. Ok, well we can solve that issue. Afterglow toy and body wipes claims that they do a great job cleaning toys after use. Well, I got the chance to find out for myself when Babeland sent me a pack of Afterglow wipes.

Packaging and wipe information ~

The Afterglow wipes came in a pack of 20. The 20 pack comes in a small plastic wrapper like regular pack of baby wipes, but smaller. Really, it is small enough to throw in your purse for an overnight trip or whatever. The pack is resealable to keep the tissues from drying out, so no worries there. Afterglow wipes clean using a disinfectant and an antibacterial formula. They are safe for your toys and for use on your body.

Please note that it is still recommended that you follow the manufacturer's recommended cleaning from time to time.

Use and performance ~

Ok, I will admit I was skeptical. I will also admit I was wrong. These wipes are great. They are odorless (well as odorless as you can expect a cleaner to be...smells like unscented baby wipes) and I love that. I would love to tell you what they taste like, but I am not eating a wipe in the name of reviewing...I can, however, tell you there is no after taste left on the toys. My toys were so clean I was willing to lick them for my review. See, I am dedicated to my readers.

I was able to get me, plus three toys clean all with one wipe. So cool. Umm, just a side note, clean you first then the toy. K? Thanks. Moving on. Afterglow wipes are surprisingly thick, I had no issues with tearing while taking one out or during use. My only complaint, and it is very minor to me, is that after I wipe the toys down they are sticky for a bit until the dry all the way. Now, this really isn't an issue because I used the wipes in an effort not to have to go to the sink, so leaving them there to dry was not a problem at all. The stickiness I noticed? Yeah, it doesn't do that on you (well at least not on me). I was actually clean. I mean, I felt clean...really clean. I liked the feeling. I am usually running off to clean up in the bathroom, but nope, not this time. It was awesome to know what guys feel like. You know, because they have the ability to just roll over and go to bed. HA! Now I can too. So take that!

Overall ~

I love the Afterglow Wipes. Really and truly. I may even spring for the 24 pack in the future. Did I mention that? No?

*Ok, well the 24 pack is a box of 24 individually wrapped wipes. Not exactly green, I know. But they are extremely convenient. You can take them with you anywhere. So I can slip a few into my purse and maybe even one into J's wallet (you know like teens to with condoms). I would leave some by the bed, and put a few into my make up case and my sex toy case. See? They're convenient.*

Back to my review. As I said I like these, a lot. They are convenient and they are body safe. I can use them in a multitude of ways, including cleaning up my kids if need be. Honestly, I can't think of a reason not to have a pack lying around the house.

Thank you to Bableland for sending me Afterglow Wipes to review.


Kayla said...

I've heard amazing things about these wipes, and the only thing keeping me from buying them is that it just seems so expensive just for something to throw away. Great review! :)

December 14, 2009 at 9:05 PM