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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sleek, sexy, pretty....yup, that's all

Ok, so Eden Fantasys allowed me to review the Panache pure sophistication vibrator by Orion. I was so excited, I mean, it is pink, and shiny and it comes with a discreet box to store it in. Um, hello...of course I wanted one.

So a little background info to help you decide what you think of the style and size of the Panache. The Panache is made of plastic and can be used with all types of lubricants, and it can be cleaned with cleanser and warm water or by wiping it down with alcohol. It is 5.25 inches long and all but one of those are insertable. Now, this is a basic type of vibrator, just sleek and slim (only one inch thick)...although it is a bit short. The Panache is waterproof (tested and affirmed, thank you very much!), and has the classic turn style base to control the speed and function(s). I, however, would not say it is multispeed (that insinuates that you can change the speed and count how many speeds there are) is more like two speeds (high and low) and you can continuously escalate from low to high, and vice versa).

What's so cool about the Panache vibe? Oh, well for me that's super simple...the little storage box it comes with. Pink and shiny like the vibe, but it conceals your toy in plain sight with no sign that there is a sex toy in the room. The container looks amazing! As an added bonus the Panache came with a small storage bag as well. So I can just toss it in my bag and not have to carry the box.

So how was my experience with the Panache? Well, it seems as though discreet may have been done all too well. Rather than becoming a super cute go to toy I think of this more as a toy made for prudish type women who don't want to admit they like their vibrator. My main concern would be the lack of power to the vibrator. The Panache only requires one AA battery, and well, if that doesn't seem like a lot, it is because it isn't. A single AA battery just doesn't offer the "oomph" this vibe needs. The vibrations are a deep rumble with very little actual vibration moving through the vibrator. The highest setting is hardly a warm-up vibration, even for most first time toy users. The vibrations are concentrated in the tip of the vibe, which would be good for clitoral stimulation if they were just a little bit stronger. As for internal stimulation, well you can't possibly feel the vibes inside your body. I was totally unable to reach an orgasm, but I did enjoy using the vibrator. I have to admit, even with small rumbley vibrations this toy can be a good addition to a toy box.

I love the look, and the overall girly style of the toy. I do wish the vibrations were stronger, but hey, I can live with a warm-up toy too. I would totally recommend this vibrator to a girly girl who is looking for a nice warm-up or a toy that potentially takes all night to give you an orgasm. This isn't an amazing toy, but it certainly isn't a bad toy.