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Friday, January 8, 2010

New progress

Just a quick teaser to a new review y'all should be seeing soon :) So, where the hell have I been? Ok, let's begin with the last minute call from Daddy saying we had tickets to SoCal {home to me} for the holidays. Then I am on a plane. But oh wait! TSA managed to DROP my laptop. After I was done screaming at the guy I grabbed my laptop and boarded my plane. Now I am on a plane. Then I am in Cali with family and my very best friend on earth is getting married! Squee!!! I helped plan a wedding, drank way too much wine on several occasions, convinced best friend's fiance to fix said laptop, saw several family melt downs, and began speaking to my sister again because we both agree Daddy's an ass. All in all, a very bust few weeks. Oh, and I saw a long lost friend who caught her hubby in an affair and was too embarrassed to tell us.

Busy, busy, busy. Then we came back to hell {Tennessee to everyone else}. School was canceled due to slush {they think it is snow}. I can't look for a job while the kids are in my house people!!! School needs to resume. Now my life is back to boring, and I am kind of thankful for that. Oh, and everytime Tweetdeck goes off I reach to answer my phone. I am not in a happy place, but I am working on that. Sex toys won't give me the feeling I need, so I am back to scrapbooking. I have thrown myself into a huge project that I am stoked about! I am trying to get a scrap area together for me...possibly even set up my laptop and do photos for reviews there and all. I am really excited. I am even trying to come up with and idea for finishing the "Little Black Book" I started several years ago for J. Basically it is a book with photos of me for him. Now it will be a little "blue" book though because I bought a new album to put it in. Yay! If you want to you can follow my progress {J don't you even dare follow the book} you can do so HERE.