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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Turbo 8 Indeed

The wonderful folks at Tabu Toys were kind enough to send me a set of Turbo 8 Accelerator Vibro Bullets made by California Exotics for review. Ho hum...another set of Cal Exotics bullets. I was sure I had tried every set they made. Apparently not.

The Turbo 8 is big, and bulky looking. Not the world's most attractive double bullet set. Really, I took one look and cringed. It is huge, the remote resembles a television remote control. I am not kidding. The bullets are around two inches long and about an inch wide with the sleeve on them. Let's talk about those sleeves for a moment, shall we? The box claims they are silicone...umm, no, no they are not. TPR. That is what the sleeves are made of, not silicone. Yeah, maybe it is TPR silicone, but that is still not silicone. It cannot be sterilized, so don't boil them, they will like melt or, well I am not sure, but you shouldn't boil or bleach them. The bullets are made of plastic, so they can be wiped down with alcohol if you would like. This toy is not waterproof, so take care not to get the internal parts wet.

The bullets are connected to the remote by a cord about two feet long. This cord is not able to be removed for cleaning or anything though (unlike other corded bullets). Now, this toy runs on four (yes...4) AA batteries. Umm, yeah that is a lot of power for such a small type toy. The bullets have 8 different speeds...from high to damn near earth shaking (well, as close as a bullet can get to that, which is pretty damn close). This isn't a Hitachi or anything, but we're pushing the power limits here. The on/off switches are actually separate, so the left one controls the left bullet, and vice versa. Just click the up to turn that bullet on and to raise the level, and click the down to go down in speed and turn it off. Why do I think that is so cool? Well if you like level 3 but your partner likes level 6, you can each have your own bullet at your preferred level. Umm...genius much?

Performance during use ~

The Turbo 8 is amazing to say the least. The vibrations are strong, even on the lowest setting. Once you start turning the vibes up they are deep and strong. Unfortunately with that strength comes a high noise level. You will definitely need to be alone to use these (I mean no one around that you don't want to hear them). I was only capable of getting them to level three while using the bullet on my clitoris. I was able to use higher settings on other parts of my body (ie nipples, stomach and my legs), but that was more for testing purposes for me. As I said, the vibrations are crazy strong.

The spiky tickle sleeves were not my cup-o-tea. Uh-uh. Not. At. All. They hurt. Like that stingy feeling you get from being pricked with a needle. Now, this may just be me being way to sensitive and all, because I know there are people who really enjoy this type of feeling. That feeling was not for me, so I removed the sleeves. They are easy to put back on, just a drop of water based lube inside and they slide right on. I say water based lube because, while the Cal Exotics website says they are TPR, the box claims Silicone, so best not to run a chance. Use water based lube just to be safe. The bullets are silver plastic, and they are good with any lube you have at it. There is a seam in the middle, a noticeable one, but it didn't bother me during use as these aren't really big at all.

I didn't attempt this anally, and I suggest you don't either since these are bullets and the strength of the wires only goes so far.

Overall ~

I really liked these bullets, they may just replace all other corded bullets I own. I would recommend them to anyone who likes power. I do wish they took less battery power, but you should be able to maintain the batteries by removing them between uses. I really am not sure this is the best toy for someone new to sex toys, but who would I be to judge, maybe it is a goal to reach, or perhaps you can come up with a new way to use it. Plus this is a great couples toy. Each partner can grab a bullet and set it to their specific setting that they like.

If you like a well made and even better thought out toy, this is your sex toy!

Thanks again to Tabu Toys for allowing me to review the Turbo 8.


Kayla said...

Great review. Scarily huge remote, but kinda cool. I wanna try this toy - just to see if I can get all the way up to six. :) I'm sorta silly like that.

Maybe I don't use my sex toys enough, but I'm never worried about the batteries. The vibrator I bought three years ago is still using the same batteries. That's bad. :(

December 13, 2009 at 11:18 PM
Alley said...

Wow. 3 Years?!?! Well, I can tell you this sucker never went NEAR 6 on my girly bits. No way, but I did go up to 6 on my body. Crazy powerful.

December 13, 2009 at 11:35 PM