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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BabeLicious Lubricant

Babeland sent me a bottle of their BabeLicious lubricant in Chocolate Orange flavor. The BabeLicious line reminds me of a high end line of products. Not in looks or packaging, but rather in the actual product itself. I was very impressed.

BabeLicious is a water based, glycerin, and paraben free flavored lubricant that is safe to use with all toys and during sex. I have to say though, I loved using this for oral. The flavor was so amazing and it added just a little bit of fun. And since it isn't super ridiculous thin like most flavored lubes I have tried (they are usually like colored water), it actually worked like a real lubricant. I won't go as far as to say that it is like a woman's natural lubricant, because it isn't, but it wasn't all gross like most of them are.

We were able to use the lube with a condom, and it never gave up on me. I will say that if the lubricant dries it will get tacky and you will need to add a little water to it to reactivate it. The lubricant avoids stickiness (and the whole yeast infection causing nastiness) by being glycerin free. BabeLicious is not overly sweet; the taste is light...more like a scent than an actual taste to it. It worked really well orally for me. Now, the scent does linger after washing...which is weird, but whatever. As long as it tastes as good as it does, I don't really care about the scent lingering, plus it kept my girly bits smelling delightful.

It comes in a 2 oz flip top tube (kind of like a short thick toothpaste tube) that is simple and discreet. You can leave it on your bedside table and it will look like a hand lotion from afar, so don't panic that people will know what is by your bed.

Thanks to Babeland for sending me this product in exchange for a review.