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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pink Water Based Lube

So I had a chance to test the ever so popular PINK lube (water based of course) and I can honestly say I liked it. Not "I loved it," not "it was amazing," but just liked. Why? Well, it was lube. Sure, the bottle is all girly and nice, and there is no glycerin, but that is about it. Aside from those attributes it is like any other lube I own.

I was sure this would be revolutionary, but it wasn't and I was not amazed at all. There are still parabens in the lube, and it is made with Aspartame. Gross. It simply didn't last as long as some other water based lubricants that I already had on hand.

What is good about this particular lube is the bottle; it is discreet. You can leave it on the nightstand and no one will really question what it is because it doesn't look like WET or KY. There is no crazy smell, and it is totally awful tasting (in case you feel the urge to give some oral after use). There is a distinct bitter taste to the lubricant.

Pink Water comes in a small bottle that looks like it might be a lotion or a soap bottle, complete with a pump dispenser (which J totally broke off 0= ) and a small travel cap that snaps back in place after use. The dispenser drops about a small pea size ball of lubricant on to you.

I wasn't pleased with the consistency of the Pink Water, that is my opinion though. It is very thin and runny, and I do prefer a thicker lubricant. I have found that thickness equals versatility in a lubricant. I like all of my lubes to be good for anal play if needed in a pinch.

Overall, the Pink Water Lubricant is simply so-so. It is good if you like a runny lube that is discreet, but I really prefer functionality over aesthetics. You can get yours (and other sex toys) at Fascinations.