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Monday, June 14, 2010

i-Vibe and Toyfluid

I have never owned, or even used a pocket rocket before, so this was a welcomed first for me. I kept reading about how they are the basic and must have in a toy box, so when I was offered one by I jumped at it. I loved the idea, plus I can offer up the perspective that someone who has never used a pocket rocket before might find helpful. I received the i-Vibe to test out. It is smallish and cute, mine is blue. I love the translucent look of the toy itself. It even comes with a textured (a group of rigid little nodules that aren't as painful as they look) cap that can be removed to reveal the basic three metal nobs on top of the toy.

It takes a single AA battery, so there isn't a ton of power, but since it is for clitoral stimulation and not insertion that shouldn't be too much of an issue. The battery insertion is basic, just twist the base to the left and drop the battery in plus side down. Done. Then, there are two settings, on and off. Simple as can be. I can see why the pocket rocket is such a hot item. The simple design, the relatively powerful (yet very buzzy) vibrations and the quiet noise level all make for an excellent first toy.

Now, I wish I could say I loved this toy to pieces, but I didn't. Honestly the flaw isn't in the vibrator itself. The basic use is just to simple and the vibrations just aren't deep enough for me. For anyone else considering this toy? Here are some great things about it:

*The vibrations are centered at the top where the toy connects with the clitoris
*Non-porous and easily cleaned (toy cleaner wipes are easiest)
*Can be used with any lubricant
*VIbrations are relatively strong
*Easy on/off dial base

See? While I may not have loved it, I can see why so many people do. Even J noted that it could be a great first time toy for a know, like a gift. Plus, it's pretty.


What lubricant did I use with my i-vibe? Toyfluid by Fun Factory. I love Fun Factory. They have high standards like me. Toyfluid is a water based lubricant that is paraben free (it does contain glycerin, so if you don't react well to glycerin be aware of that). It comes in a sleek (I am guessing) aluminum container that dispenses using a pump rather than the traditional tip up top that tends to leak everywhere. One pump will add enough lube for most people, and it meshes well with your own natural fluids. It did leave some residue, but not enough to concern me.

Because Toyfluid is water based it washes off easily with a quick rinse. It is also compatible with all toy types, especially considering that it is made specifically for use with sex toys. It is rather thin, so I was not a fan of this particular lubricant for use anally, but otherwise it is quickly becoming a favorite of mine and J's. This may be one to keep around, especially if you, like me, enjoy silicone toys.