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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Holy blog blow up Batman

Oh geeze. Ok, the only reason I am posting this is because I posted in the forums, but I am not giving those children the time of day at this point. For anyone wondering what the fuck I am talking about...well you can get the idea without me linking you to the post to add to the drama department.

So where do I stand? Let me begin with the fact that the company that is causing the drama is one of my favorite companies, and I am really flustered at the maturity levels of certain people there (well, lack there of anywho). So, basically the banning of a member took place. Hey, whatever, it's your website, your company, and your forums. Who the hell am I to tell you not to ban someone. My issue lies, not in the fact that Epiphora (yes, I am totally plugging her and sending my traffic her way...get the fuck over it) was not given a valid reason for being banned, but rather the pointless act of announcing it in its own thread. WTF?

Seriously people. That is lame, immature, low class, and mean. There was NO need to announce it to the community as a whole. That was a fucking low blow, and people can say 'til they are blue in the face that it was to be transparent, I call bullshit there. Here is my analogy:

I have a 7 year old. When she and her friends decided one girl was mean and they didn't want to play with her it was all good. Until...wait for it...they told her in front of the other kids in class. WTF? So I grounded said child. Why? Because that is a tasteless move that lowers you to a low class person. It makes you mean. She publicly humiliated (well, she partook in it) this little girl for no real reason. I see this mess the same way. Epiphora was publicly humiliated with no need. This was a bad move. Sorry, but it is pathetic to call yourself a mature adult and behave the way these administrators did.

I take no issue with the company personally, but c'mon people, please try to be nice to one another. Like I said, I have no issue with the banning. That is...well, whatever. I do have a problem with publicly announcing it for no. fucking. reason. All it did was piss people off. So a self proclaimed "positive community" finds it remotely acceptable to humiliate someone? No. Sorry, that won't do it for me. The banning will be whatever in a few days. Epiphora will go on. The thread will remain, however, to remind us all what a low class community we are. Nice.

As of yet, the admins haven't explained anything, and they can't justify their rude post announcing it. I do believe they owe the community in general an apology for their behavior. This is horrible behavior from a professional company that should really know better. I am really offended that they feel the need to announce that they banned someone. You can say it wasn't meant to be humiliating, but it was nonetheless humiliating. And, I am sorry, but I really believe it was meant to do just that.

A lot if folks think the thread was a stupid thread to start in the forums. But, hey if you think it is positive to show people that you are chill with pissing everyone, that is a personal problem. And ya' know what? Karma's a bitch.

The admins need to apologize like we would have our kids do if they fucked up. Man up peeps.

Will I continue to work with them? Yes. They have not wronged me, I just think certain things they have done were childish and pathetic. I have no direct qualms with them, and so I will continue my relationship with said company...I just may not refer anyone else to the forums because this was embarrassing.