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Friday, May 14, 2010

Pet my....seal? Ok!

Babeland sent me the Perfect Pet vibrator to review for them, and at first I was all "aww, it's so cute," then I was all "damn this baby has some power," finally I was all "did a seal just go down on me." Yes, yes he did. And know what? I am totally cool with that.

The Perfect Pet vibrator is an animal shaped vibe (so if you like cutesy vibes, he ya' go) that packs some serious punch. He is only 6 inches tall and is 1.5 inches thick, the stout stature made me sure he was like 3 inches wide, but no, just half that. He has the face of a seal, complete with whiskers and an adorable nose that is amazing for clitoral stimulation. The shaft has very pronounced ridges, but only about three inches of the toy can be inserted, so I am not too sure these would be the best source of pleasure. The base has a gem on it that, honestly, looks just a little out of place to me, but whatever.

The Perfect Pet uses three AAA batteries (which are INCLUDED...holy shit, I know) that slide into a battery pack that is placed...prongs down...into the vibrator. The base just twists a little to lock. Perfect Pet has some real power for such a small toy. It offers up deep rumbly vibrations that I can't really describe. There are four functions, one of which is a steady vibration...the others are pulsing and patterns. I didn't think this was so perfect for penetration, but I am pretty sure this qualifies as a mini vibrator in some way and is more meant as a clitoral stimulator that can be inserted if you want to. Pretty sure. Not totally though, so don't quote me or anything. Either way, I really, really like the Perfect Pet. The strength of the vibrations along with size and cuteness is the whole package, if you ask me...and, well they did. So there.

Not only is it amazing in use, but the controls are easy as well. A single button on the toy controls the vibration patterns and turns the toy on/off. Plus it is silicone and can be bleached or washed in toy cleaner, and it's cute (I know, I know).

The Perfect Pet is a wonderful vibrator, even if it is a first time vibrator. If you don't own a toy and want something not so...umm...well you know, penis shaped, this is great. Honestly. I really enjoyed it. Keep in mind that it is powerful, so it can be a bit noisy, but just throw a blanket on and shut the door and you should be fine. It may also be a little bit strong for those who prefer lighter vibrations (clearly I don't fall into that category). You can get one here for $35.

Thank you to Babeland for sending me the Perfect Pet in exchange for an honest review.