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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Way too expensive for such a small motor

The Sexpert review for the month is the Cal Exotics 7 function remote bullet. Now, the bullet is really bulkey, 1 inch thick x 3.75 inches long. I am used to much smaller bullets, but since this was made for vaginal insertion and wear-ability I can certainly understand (it needs to be large enough that the average woman can hold it in with little to know effort). There is a cord for easy removal on the base of the bullet, so removing the bullet is next to effortless, much like removing a giant tampon.

The bullet comes with a remote control for use from a distance. Now, you can use this alone for self stimulation, or you can hand your remote off to a partner for some surprising fun. There is an on/off button, a function button, and a vibration control. So, while you do get 7 functions you are really getting much more than that because of the differing levels of vibration. This is by far the best feature of the toy as a whole.

For actual use? The bullet is strong and all, but only as an external stimulator. I was bored having it inserted. The only way to really feel much is to have it on high, and people can certainly hear that. And on that note, discreetness is virtually non-existence with the remote control bullet. It is loud and even while wearing it, someone near you will hear it, I have doubt about that in my mind. Tried, and confirmed. We were out to diner and when he turned it on he could hear it. So I took the controls. When I turned it on, he could hear it. He had no idea when I would be pushing buttons. And while I could feel the vibrations while wearing it, they were nothing more than an annoying buzz coming from within my vaginal walls...nothing worth remembering three minutes later.
The biggest issue with this toy? Batteries. Seriously. I have no idea why anyone would have a toy on the market using a 12v battery and watch batteries. Neither are cost effective at $6 plus per package, and you only get 2 12v in a pack, and they only last about two hours. Pointless, in efficient and not cost effective, not to mention, have you ever tried to buy watch batteries for a toy? Do you have any idea how many sizes there are? Hello people!!! And 12v batteries aren't exactly sitting around waiting to be used, I had to go to four stores to even find one pack of those stupid batteries.
Would I recommend this to anyone? Hell no. Especially when I got 20 minutes of use from the bullet and the controller only lasted 2 hours on the most expensive batteries you can get your hands on. This toy could have easily accommodated a AA battery with no issue, so why would I ever suggest to throw money away on overpriced and hard to find batteries?


Mistress Kay said...

The batteries were the worst part. I actually left them in the first time and they all died with the bullet just sitting there. I'm glad your bullet actually transfers the remote controls when someone is wearing it. Even with Jor two feet away, if any clothing was in the way, it refused to.

March 24, 2010 at 11:08 AM
Alley said...

I just REFUSE to buy random sized batteries, especially for what they cost and how quickly they wear out. It is a complete loss for anyone to make a toy using them.

March 24, 2010 at 12:24 PM