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Wednesday, March 24, 2010 wasn't anything to write home about

And believe me, if it was, I would have. I am a lube whore. I love love love it. You see I have this issue that keeps me in gawd awful pain during sex and we are always looking for a good lube to help us out with some of that. Well, I have been eyeing Liquid Silk for a while now. It is a water based lube, well more of a hybrid really. It contains no glycerin (no stickies later, and no burning now) so I am up for trying it. It does contain parabens, so if you don't like them in your lubricants this is your warning here. Also, as I said, it is a hybrid, while it's water based it does have Dimethicone listed as an ingredient. Dimethicone is a key ingredient in silicone lubricants, and having it in the "hybrid" lubes gives them more staying power over all.

While is use with just me and J this lubricant worked really well. I did experience some burning, but I am not wholeheartedly sure that was caused by the lubricant specifically. We also used it with a condom with no adverse affects. My only concern is that I have heard that some people have had their silicone toys react badly to this lube. That would be devastating to me, so I will not use it on my silicone toys just as a precaution. So, I have heard it, but will not be testing it.

The Liquid Silk lasted without needing any additional applications during sex, so I was very impressed by the staying power it had. It is a milky color and a little thicker in consistency, I am very sure you are thinking of what it looked like going "oh!" I wasn't too fond of the bottle itself. The smaller bottles are very hard to squeeze and take way too much time to get it all out. As far as reapplication, all I had to do was add a little bit of water and it was set to go, but the lube itself actually lasted over an hour. Would I set this out as my go to lube? No, not likely. I liked it, but I am not a fan of parabens, so this wouldn't be a good everyday lubricant for me. But it just might make a great go to lube for you.

Thank you to for sending me the Liquid Silk Lubricant for review.