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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Teneo Uno...a no no for me (maybe not you though)

So I was lucky enough to get to review the Smartballs Teneo Uno (the single) by Fun Factory. Let me begin with the packaging...oh my wow. Seriously, it was a nice package, high quality, with everything in like umpteen dozen languages.

The Teneo Uno is like the basic Teneo set of Smart Balls, but rather than two balls there is only the single ball. They are about 1.5 inches thick and an oblong(ish) shape. The ball and the removal cord are both 100% silicone (and therefore fully sterilizable), so they can be cleaned by bleaching, toy cleaner and water, or boiling for three minutes. There are some crevices, so be sure your toy is totally clean before and after each use.

Basically the Teneo is used just like the double, but instead you only need to insert one ball...this is a relief to a lot of women who have issues with the double set of Smartballs because of the length of the toy. Once the ball is in you PC muscles will work to hold the ball theory... PC muscles didn't need to work at all because the velvety texture along with the massive size held the ball in place the entire time. I felt nothing, other than a giant ball in my vagina, and really got absolutely nothing out of the experience. I did give it 30 minutes a day for a week, but the results we nothing, my own personal PC exercises do more than the ball could. Also, I am not sure how well sex while using this could work. I have heard of people doing that, but the ball is so large that I can imagine it would be in the way and nothing more.

While the Smartballs are well made and have a great price tag, I must say one would be better off paying a little extra for the Luna Beads set and use it as a double, a single, and change the size if need be. It would be a far better investment, in my honest opinion. The Teneo might be nice for someone who just had the third child and has never done a PC exercise in her life, but for the rest of us, I just think it is far too large to do any actual good for our pelvic floor. Although I don't think this is the best vaginal ball ever, the quality of the toy and materials used are superb, and if your average sized toy is over 1.5 inches wide...I say go for it! If you have really strong pelvic muscles, well, don't bother. Vaginal exercisers are a hit and miss kind of thing, you just have to try it out and hope for the best.

Thank you to Babeland for sending me this item to review.