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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Actual enchancement you can use

Oceanic Naturals: Intense Pleasure Pack for Women

I will begin with the Stimulating Gel in the Pleasure Pack. It is thin, but when I placed a drop onto my finger it wasn't runny. It really holds its place very well. It is glycerin free and lasted me about 20 minutes or so. While it did do something to stimulate my clitoris, I am not really sure what that was. I really didn't feel any tingling sensation, just a very obvious swelling sensation. The swelling, of course, caused a faster orgasm, and allowed for multiple orgasms. After, the cleanup was great. The stimulating gel just absorbed right into my body and I didn't have any mess that needed to be really cleaned from the gel.

The Massage Gel in the Pleasure Pack is so nice. It is basically a silicone lubricant that you use as a massage oil. It is still thin enough that you can use it as a lubricant, but not so thin that is wears off quickly. This oil does need some washing to remove it from your body because it is silicone based, but that can just add to the pleasure with a nice warm shower together :)

Keep in mind that since this is a silicone based oil you cannot use it with any silicone toys or you will degrade them. The silicone in the oil allows for a slick surface for massages and full body contact. It is non-irritating and has no real smell to it at all...oh, that reminds me; the stimulating gel smells like Play-Doh. If you are a parent you know this smell well, and you realize it is not a sexy smell, so try to avoid oral sex after the gel has been applied.

While I was not overly impressed with the quality of the set, I cannot say that it didn't work. It didn't give me mind blowing orgasms, buuuttttt...

The Pleasure Pack did enhance the feeling of the orgasms as well as offer a great sensual massage. Also, because the massage oil can be used as a personal lubricant there is no need to have anything else out and ready when you decide it's time for some play. Overall, I would recommend this product for sensual and sexual enhancement.

Thank you to for allowing me to review this item.