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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Soulgasms (Babeland's Moregasm review)

I had the outrageously wonderful opportunity to review Babeland's new book "Moregasm." When I first got the book I was skeptical about whether or not the book would actually offer good advise. I was wrong for being skeptical {I will never say that again, so shut the hell up}. "Moregasm" is the sex book to end all sex books, seriously. I will explain my reasoning soon enough for my love of this book, but first I want to cover what this book has to offer as far as advise and what sections are in the book.

How well do you know your body? Think again. You don't. Not at all. "Moregasm" goes into detail about your body as well as your lovers body. You will learn the ins, the outs, and what works where, how and why. I am appalled at what I was so unaware of regarding my own body as a woman. The book offered up body information as well as ways to make different parts of your body feel amazing.

Other sections:

  • Masturbation & Toys
  • Getting Off: By hand, by mouth
  • Doing the Deed
  • A lifetime of good sex
So basically here is a rundown of what you will learn {assuming you actually *read* the book rather than peruse the photos}. You will be told about toys, they different types and why you may want to use them and how they work {ish...they didn't go into total detail}. You will learn {basic} techniques for sex, including, but not limited to anal sex, rimming, oral sex, positions, and much more. What's more? They give recommendations for different toys...umm hello, sex toy shopping made easy {unless you're me and you own those toys so you then have to hunt down something better, but there is nothing better because you own all the kickass toys out there}. There is even a BDSM section...hell yes! Ok, well it isn't great place for crazy info like some of us want, but hey, not everyone is into pain play, ya' know? I am very glad to see this included as a way to spice up your playtime though.

The book then goes on to discuss safer sex. Topics include STIs, safety during sex {all types, not just vaginal}, birth control, and product recommendations for having safer sex. This section is followed by a Q & A section with some questions like "what about douching?" "Can I put a condom on a zucchini?" And my favorite "I really like anal play. My boyfriend started off using his fingers, then I got into butt plugs, and now we have anal sex regularly. Will I be in adult diapers by the time I hit fifty?" These are real questions from real people...GREAT!!! Umm, I am so not telling you the answers, you've got to buy the book for that :)

Ok, so on to why I love this book so much...

Well, I must begin with the fact that I do not believe the techniques offered here will bring you mind-blowing sex as the book claims {unless of course you are undeniably boring before reading it}. The techniques are basic with the exception to a few. The reason I love this book so much is because the whole first section focuses on YOU. The reader. You need to know yourself and what you like to have mind-blowing sex. I love that this book is so positive, and they want you to have a positive self image. The positive self image and the anatomy area of the book could easily be given to a teen and used as a sexual eduction resource. I wish I had been given the whole first section of "Moregasm" when I was in high school. I would have felt better about me, and I would have treated myself better than I did. This is a great resource book, honestly. While you may not get mind-blowing sex ideas from it, you will learn about yourself. For instance, I have learned that I do not have the perfect body according to society, but according to my husband I am amazing.

Honestly, I recommend everyone to have a copy of this book. I know for sure I will be sending my best friend who hates her body a copy. She deserves to love herself.

Oh, and one more thing...
The photos. They are real people. Not some perfect size double zero model, real. Like you and me. They look like people you would pass on the street.

Thank you so much Babeland for allowing me to review "Moregasm" :)


Kayla said...

I seriously want this book. I think I'm going to have to splurge and actually get it pretty quick here.

Thanks for a great review. :)

January 22, 2010 at 2:33 PM
Alley said...

It is well worth every penny.

January 22, 2010 at 4:19 PM
Dani Darling said...

This is really an awesome book, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it

January 26, 2010 at 10:37 PM