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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Like an Indian Arrowhead

Tantus Alumina and definitely innovative. The entire line is made of aluminum, which has some great properties I will go over momentarily, and is made in two parts. is green, so it is environmentally friendly. The first part of each sex toy is the handle and the second part is the top end, or toy part (although all parts of the Alumina series can be inserted as far as I can tell). The Alumina series is a semi-customizable set (assuming you have more than one toy) of high quality sex toys.

The Tantus Alumina Pace is the butt plug of the Alumina series. The look of it kind of reminds me of an Indian spearhead. Made of aluminum, the Pace will not rust, can be sterilized for better use, and it is phthalate free. Four (insertable) inches of metal with a 1/2 inch wide base to hold the plug in place makes for a nice toy. Widest point on the Pace is 1.25 inches wide...smaller than the average dildo. The Pace is top-heavy...which is always nice in a you can feel the toy inside you.

The Tantus Alumina Pace comes in a nice black box with a foam padding molded to hold the toy in place. The box is nice enough that I will be storing my Alumina Pace in it for a long time to come. The unfortunate part of the packaging is the large size of the box, which limits where some people may be able to put their boxes. Mine is in the top drawer, our "toy drawer," in our large dresser. If someone were to catch a glimpse of it they wouldn't be able to tell what it was.

In Use ~

As I held the Pace I knew it needed to be warmed before use (aluminum holds temperature and is wonderful for temperature play). I held it for a few minutes and it warmed right up to body temp. I used a water based lubricant, but all lubricants are safe for use on the Alumina Pace, so pick your favorite. The sleek and smooth head of the toy is pointed, but not too sharply, for easier entry. I did begin with this toy vaginally, just to see what it might feel like...the results were just sad. The Pace is not recommended for vaginal use because of its size, or well lack there of anyway. Once I began the anal use of the Pace I was actually pleasantly surprised. I was prepared to not enjoy the toy based on its looks (I won't be making that assumption again any time soon).

The sex toy slid in with no issues at all, a small miracle for me. Thrusting (light thrusting anyway) is a nice option as well. I wouldn't really say the Pace "filled me up," but rather that I could feel its presence in my body. The long narrow neck aided in comfort and provided a nice space to keep my body from sucking in the rest of the toy. Speaking of sucking one complaint about the Pace is the lack of a really well defined base. While I had no actual issues with the bulbous base (the base is a small ball rather than a flared anal base), I would have still preferred the added security of knowing there was an actual base to keep the toy from sliding up.

I thoroughly enjoyed the sleek feeling of the Pace entering me, and the added comfort of it staying there. However, the comfort level slides some if you plan to wear the Pace out. Not really a great idea. The bulb sticks out and makes stilling on harder surfaces very uncomfortable, plus I was constantly wondering when this little sucker was going to slide all the way up into me...eep!

Temperature Play ~ Oh, how I love my temp play. The Alumina series is wonderful for this. You can heat the Pace with a hot water bath or cool it one of a few ways. Cooling can be done in clod water baths, ice water, the refrigerator, or in the freezer (I do not recommend this one, too much cold can potentially damage skin tissue). Temperature play offers many extra levels to your sensation play. You can run the Pace along your partner, or you can insert it and use it that way. The options are plenty and it is all up to you. Honestly, the whole point of the Alumina series is temperature play. If you like may well need this plug.

Who is the Pace for? ~

Well, the Pace is a nice start for beginners in anal play for one. Why? Because the size is small enough for a beginner to use with ease, the temperature play offers added interest. The only thing I would caution with a beginner is the base...use very carefully or with a partner.

For more advanced anal players the only benefit of the pace is the temperature play. But, you can honestly do that with any glass or metal plug, so I guess it is all dependent on just how curious you are about the Alumina line.

Also, this is a good option for anyone who may like the idea of mixing and matching their toys. You can add a new head to the handle or a longer handle to the head for the thrusting option. Just a few ideas.

A special thank you to for sending me the Tantus Alumina Pace to review!!!


Kayla said...

Would you say it's a good toy for couple play? My favorite thing to do with the boyfriend is have him sit down with it in, and honestly, the Pace looks like it would get lost. Which is a scary thought.

But it looks really pretty. Like, I want one just to pretend it's some ancient artifact. Because I'm weird like that.

And yes, I do enjoy twitter. :) Love it, in fact. The blog does have one at the moment. And I'm involved with Eden's Fantasy, but I didn't know there was a specific blog area. I do go to the forum, though, but you'd have to go to the BDSM one to see me. That's where I liveeee. In my kinky pervertedness. :)

Thanks for granting one of my Christmas wishes. I think I'm probably going to be reading your blog for awhile yet. It seems very awesome.

December 10, 2009 at 7:34 PM
Alley said...

I so would not have him sit with it inserted, but that is just me. I have been assured it is safe, but ya' know, I just won't risk my ass.

I was sure I wouldn't like it, but I am in love and I want the rest of the Alumina line ( has the rest of the line as well) and I can switch them all and play with them all...cuz I am funny like that!

December 10, 2009 at 7:49 PM
Kayla said...

It wouldn't be too bad. Except for the embarrassing doctor's visit. That'd be amusing. :)

I was looking at's stuff. They have a great BDSM selection, and I signed up to do reviews for them as well. Here's crossing my fingers that they accept me. I'm really hopeful. :)

Personally, I'm mean, so I'd keep them in the refridgerator then surprise my boyfriend in the butt with them. But I'm mean. :)

December 10, 2009 at 8:35 PM