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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ella always does as she's told

So, I have been lusting, and I do mean lusting over the Lelo Ella for a while now. So imagine my excitement when the wonderful people at Naughty & Discreet asked me to review her for them!

So I waited patiently, like two, and I attacked the box like a hungry bear. Inside sat my coveted for Lelo box. You see, not only is Ella a superior toy, she comes in superior packaging as well. A black box that very resembles a large jewelry box with plastic holder for the toy. Inside the box a white satin storage bag was waiting to be filled with the Ella...guess what...I was waiting to be filled too.

On to Ella:
7 inches of high grade silicone *water based lubricant ONLY*

a specially shaped head to give amazing G-spot stimulation
1.25 inches at the widest point (great for beginners as well as experienced toy users)
clearly can be used in the water

both ends can be inserted for maximum stimulation

Basically Ella is a g-spot dildo. A well made g-spot dildo that will make missing your g-spot nearly impossible for anyone. Solid velvety silicone that has just enough give to allow for comfort during use, but not so much that it feels like using a $5 jelly penis. No different than the other 500 dildos you can find elsewhere, except that is high quality at an amazing cost.

After fondling the Ella for quite some time I decided it was time. Well, now, my first review of the Ella didn't go over so well. My g-spot was well stimulated, but thrusting was outright painful. The shape of the head caused a "catching" action on my pubic bone that left me teary eyed and angry. Not to mention when Ella was good and stuck, and of course I freaked, I pulled hard, she caught, she popped out, I yelled, my NuvaRing flew across the room. Really? Not what I had pictured at all. After I cleaned off my birth control and put it back I cleaned off my Ella with some antibacterial toy soap and water and gave up for the night.

Of course y'all, I am not a quitter, and I have wanted Ella way too long to let it end like a bad relationship with the guy you never wanted in the first damn place. I put my nose to the grind and decided I would like it! Here comes the real test and review. I set the mood and got out my Ella. This time around was better. Beginning with the smoother side of the toy as a warm up truly helped. Holding it from the narrow neck was comfortable and almost natural. Once I turned the toy around to get the g-spot stimulation there was no more catching, although I still don't care to thrust the Ella unless I am using the straight end. The curve allowed my g-spot the perfect angle and helped the toy to curve in and out of me easily.

Why I needed Ella:
I can't hit my g-spot. Ever. Really. Never. So I need something that will make it fool proof. Did Ella pass? YES. Hell yes. Finding my g-spot was simple as can be and I was able to keep the Ella on it long enough to really get my libido going. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get to an orgasm, but not at any fault of the toy's. I just, don't know how. Beyond that, the size of Ella is perfect for me,
it is small enough for beginners (and I prefer smaller toys), so I was able to not be overwhelmed by the size of Ella.

Overall, I must say, I enjoyed the Ella very much. Is it the best dildo I have ever used? Umm, maybe not...I love my glass toys. But, it hits the g-spot effortlessly each time I use it, and as long as I warm up to it, the g-spot end no longer does take a bit of getting used to though. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good g-spot toy. I believe both inexperienced and experienced people would benefit from owning one of these toys as a basic staple in their toy bags.

Anal Ella Note:
I never tried Ella anally, it is just too large. However, just a note that it can be used as such (very carefully) without fear of sanitary issues. Ella can be boiled, bleached (10% solution) or washed on the top rack of a dishwasher with no soap. As well, you can use a good toy cleaner on it.

Thanks to the folks at Naughty and discreet for letting me review this product!!!
Get this and other body safe toys at Naughty and Discreet for great prices!


Kayla said...

Aww. I tried contact Naughty and Discreet to do reviews and I never received a response. Sadness.

Either way, I'm so happy to hear that Ella actually works. I've been so excited to have a g-spot toy (I've never had one) and every review I've ever read says this one is amazingly good.

December 9, 2009 at 10:47 PM
Alley said...

I love the is SO wonderful. Just the right amount of give, and not too big. I am thrilled with her performance!

December 10, 2009 at 7:25 PM