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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spellbound....your spell didn't last

Ok, back to the internet. Sorry, I was offline for a while; then J came home from Iraq on unexpected leave, so life hase been a bit nuts over here. Anyway, I have a new review for you:

The Spellbound "G"

1.25 inches thick
6.75 inches long
Made of plastic with a Velvet-Cote
Curved tip for G-spot stimulation
Turn dial on the base of the vibrator
Uses 2 C size batteries
"Enhanced Pleasure Ring"


Well where do I even begin? I am not a size queen, as a matter of fact, I prefer smaller toys that are thin to the the thicker toys. When I first saw the "G" I kinda freaked; I mean really, what was I supposed to say? I don't really care about the girth part of a vibrator, and I don't keep C batteries in my house. My first assumption was that the "G" must have some power to it, well I was right on that one! The size of the batteries used in a vibe is usually a good indicator of how powerful the toy will prove to be. In this case it was pretty dead on.

This is technically a "multispeed" vibrator, but if you know about Cal Exotics you already know about their tendency to put the speed on a dial at the base of the toy. Do I like this? Yes. Does everyone? Probably not, but since this is my personal review, all I care about is my opinion :) The turn-dial power is nice because you can add power gracefully and without that sudden jolt with an increase in speed. The vibrations are super strong, and anyone who likes their sensations will love that feature.

There is also a ring to enhance pleasure around the stem of the toy. Unfortunately, this ring fell short on doing its job. I was not impressed by it at all. In fact, I didn't even know it was supposed to have a purpose until today (oops). I never felt the ring, so no pleasure came from it at all. A second short coming in my eyes was the curved tip. I will say that for some people that stiff curved tip is just what the doctor ordered to get their engines going when it comes to G-spot stimulation, I am not one of those people. I found the curve to be too thick and very uncomfortable. Actually, I found the toy as a whole to be rather uncomfortable. I am not genuinely impressed, because I just don't like large toys...but that's just me!

Now the "G" is waterproof, and I made sure to test that feature out for everyone! Since it's waterproof you can use it in the shower or bath. The "G" is coated in what is called a Velvet-Cote so only certain lubricants can be used on it. You can use water based and silicone lubes safely on the "G" without damaging it, but oil based lube is a no-no. To clean the "G" I strongly recommend a toy cleaner made specially for your toys just to protect the integrity of the toy and to make it last as long as possible.

Overall, I would not say I enjoyed the "G" very much. If you like girth, well this may be your toy, but if you prefer a smaller toy, veer in another direction. The rigidity of the "G" didn't appeal to me, so I am not able to give an amazing review to the "G," but I am making sure you have all your information, and if I see more reviews I will be sure to post a link or two for you :)