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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lavender makes the boys go wild, but not the girls...

Ok, so let me begin with a quick background lesson on me for those who are unaware. I am an aromatherapist, I have been using essential oils for nearly everything from cleaning to sunburns for nearly seven years now, so I chose this with a ton of forethought knowing good and damn well what the result would be (reaction wise) regarding myself and my husband.

A quick warning to those who get this:
Lavender will make your man nuts...he will get a hot and horny and you will have to give in. Lavender is a powerful aphrodisiac for men. For women, well we are not quite the same. Lavender relaxes us into a slumber. So, if you are getting this and you are a heterosexual couple keep this in mine, if you are a same sex couple, well you will be on the same page, so no worries to you and go for it!

All that being said. Eden Fantasys sent me a 4 oz. bottle of JO Aroma Mist (lavender obviously) for review. Now, the very first thing I noticed when I opened the box up was the dented bottle and the fact that the label was coming off. Ok, well I got over that when I opened the spray to smell it. YUM. I love pure oils and the sheer power of the smell just screamed PURE ESSENTIAL OIL!!! Believe me, for this amount of pureness, $19 is actually a steal.

The ingredient list is simple: Purified water, lavender oil, and alcohol.

Ok, so I began with spraying my fingers just to see the texture. I was assuming based on the color of the liquid (which is a creamy, gross looking yellow) and the fact that the liquid beaded onto the sides of the bottle that the liquid would be oily and not come off easily (a key characteristic of essential oils). Fortunately the alcohol seems to counteracts that greasiness by drying the oil out. It actually left my hand silky feeling. *Please note I do not recommend using this on your body without knowing the ingredient ratios as essential oils are a skin irritant*

I have used the spray on my sheets (I spray each sheet everyday as I make the bed so the oil will seep in). As of now, none of my bedding has been damaged by the oils in the spray (again I am assuming because of the alcohol). Because it uses just the mist the bottle will last you a long time if used properly. It is for this reason that I don't recommend spraying the air like the bottle says to. I think the scent lasts longer when applied to an actual physical object, like bedding, or a pillow. The bottle does say not to spray a surface (and please note the scent may never fully leave your bedding), so take that into consideration, but the spray will settle on something, so I figure just put it there.

I do sleep better with this on my sheets, and I am more relaxed when I am in my room with this smell in the air. Another option for use for the spray is to open the bottle and put a tablespoon of the liquid into your bath (so you get a bath oil as well). Once you are out of the water you will feel oily for a minute or two, but that will wear off very fast and you will be left with soft silky skin and you will be relaxed as well. I now wonder how this would work (for men) when added with a pheromone lotion or perfume. That will be my next step.

As for storage and clean up...well no one is going to think you a wild and crazy girl for having pretty smelling stuff in your house, so there are no real worries there honestly. I leave mine out on my dresser with no worries at all. I would show it to anyone who asked because it is nothing more than a room spray like you buy at Target or Walmart. No biggie at all. I keep it with all my other oils on a tray (so if it does spill my solid oak dresser won't be stained forever). To clean it off soap and water do the trick rather well because of the fact that the spray is not oily and is dried out quickly. If the spray gets onto your skin and you are worried a quick shower and some shower gel with quickly fix that up for you.

Overall I would really recommend this to anyone I know. I love it, and have even used it on my daughters' beds to help them sleep easier. If you aren't looking for that calming feeling, JO also has two other scents available, you can get Peppermint and Lemon scented sprays as well. So there really is something for everyone in this line of products.

A special thanks to Eden Fantasys for letting me review this item

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Spray by System JO
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