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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Naughty and Discreet

So I just found this amazing and beautiful site that I am utterly in love with at this point. Naughty and Discreet is a new(ish) toy store that specializes in body safe toys. I certainly think everyone should head on over there and check it out!

So what made me decide I needed to blog about this special site today? Well technically I am writing this yesterday (which is still today), so I am not actually posting on Thanksgiving...I digress...amazing. Well a few reasons I posted include a contest they are running on their site, and because they are giving away a free sex toy every week. Now, I don't mean one toy free per week, I mean, you pay shipping and you get the toy free...everyone!!! Freaking awesome!!!

The contest:
Ok, so go to the website and fill out the form on the page and you will be entered to win a gift certificate to Naughty and Discreet to use on whatever you would like. You may fill the form out once daily from now until December 14th, 12pm EST. So go fill it out and goo luck!

The free stuff:
Well, this week they are giving everyone who wants one a free Water Proof Mega Mite. This is so great of them! So while you are holiday shopping stop in and pick up a few things and just add one to your cart...instant stocking stuffer! Look at that! Thanks guys, you rock!

Hey hey, calling all know who you are. Naughty and Discreet is looking for qualified reviewers...they need people to review for them. I believe they are only accepting a handful, but it can't hurt to apply. Let them know you were sent from my website!