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Sunday, November 29, 2009

My top ten tasty treats:

OK, so we all have wishlists. As a matter of fact, you can view mine here. I am desperate for some of these items, in case you couldn't guess by the multiple listings. So I got to thinking. I tell my kids to my holiday lists, so why shouldn't I? Well, the one I am going to post here is going to be 10 items.

If I can have 10 new items to make a toy kit, what would they be? Now, I can't pick stuff I have tried or own currently since this is a holiday wishlist.

My 10 item toy kit:

SaSi...just because it is fucking awesome
We-Vibe...a couple's toy to entertain us together
Ella...for non-vibrating play
Gigi...for that needed G-spot stimulation
Sliquid glide with
Butterfly Clitoral Pump...for J's humor know J needs something here, right?
Nexus i-Stim...again, for J and his sadistic side :)
For Your Nymphormation Sex Toy hold it all
Luna keep my PCs going strong