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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eden Fantasys: Interview with Bill from Leatherbeaten

Ok, ok, so it's not a huge secret that I just adore my cuffs from Leatherbeaten. Well Eden Fantasys is interviewing him on their website this week. So far some really cool questions have been brought to the table, and Bill is gracious enough to answer them very quickly.

I am continuously impressed my this man and his activity in the Eden forums. Bill is undeniably helpful and is very quick to answer any questions you may have about the Leatherbeaten products (did I mention that I really do hold these as top-of-the-line products?).

Since becoming a part of Eden Link (you should totally check that out too) the Eden Fantasys community has gotten to know Leatherbeaten and Bill very well. And now, we get to interview him. You got that right, WE get to interview him. Do you have questions about the sex industry you want answered, or perhaps a question about leather you want to inquire about? Get on it...come on over and help us interview Bill!!!

*Questions are open until December 3rd*