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Friday, October 16, 2009

A Stud with some POWER

Thanks to California Exotics I had the chance to review the new Power Stud vibrator. What makes this vibrator stand apart from others? Well, simply put, it's corded. It is a plug in vibrator that packs some punch. At almost 8 inches long, 5 of those being insertable, and a good girth of nearly a full 1.5 inches in diameter this is not you basic skinny vibe. It is so much more!

When I opened my box and saw my new toys my eyes popped. Well, Cal Exotics has made a rather girthy, bright pink, plug in vibrator! Holy Crap! In true California Exotics fashion the Power Stud (a well earned name) has the basic hallmarks of a Cal Exotis toy, right down to the dial power base (not my favorite way to turn the toy off and on though).

The Power Stud is made of TPE (or TPR) which is more jelly like than anything, but not nearly as porous. Unfortunately TPE is still mildly porous, so it cannot be fully disinfected, you can however clean it with warm water and a mild toy cleanser (my suggested method). If you do feel like sharing your toy you need to utilize condoms and be careful (unless you are fluid bonded of course). The TPE is kind of sticky and attracts lint and all that good crap, so keep some baby wipes handy while you use this one. Also, the smell, which can only be noticed if you have it to your face reminds me of nail polish...yuck.

On to the shape and feel of my new friend. Well, the shape is basic. Like a cock. That's it. Veins, head, everything, very well done. Well, except...the base. I am not sure what the hell happened here on this one, but I certainly hope this wasn't an attempt at testicles because WOW, that failed. It looks vaguely like three testicles circled around a cock. Other than that it is your basic TPE/TPR toy, sticky and jelly like. Soft and fun for use, just a lot more body safe.

The bullet is lodged up closer to the head which allows for more of the vibrational focus to be on the head of the toy. Better feeling inside, as well as for a better clitoral stimulant. Basically all you do is plug it in and turn the dial and you are set to go. My major complaint is that you must be close to an outlet. Luckily Cal Exotics saw that one coming and the cord is over 6 feet long, so you have plenty of play room. This is a great toy alone or with a partner. The vibrations are strong and deep and allow for a deep thrusting motion with them your your basic and fast clit play. All in all, this isn't an overly loud vibrator, at least not for its size. I heard no sounds through a closed door and under a sheet, so you are good to go if you have roommates!

Safety Warning: Please do not take this toy into the water IT HAS A CORD!!!! It is not waterproof and you could potentially be electrocuted.

Noise Level: 3/5
Vibration Level: 4/5
Value for Price: 3/5
(only because of the plug nearly $40 I think it's a bit costly)
Overall Star Rating: 5/5