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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another Winner...I am NOT looking back!

A special thanks to Eden Fantasys!!! I now have the complete set of Bullhide Ankle and Wrist Restraints! I match. So cool.

Anyway, so I already had the great opportunity to gush to you about how much I loved the Wrist Restraints, and now I have the Ankle Restraints that match. Why would I love them any less? Simple, I don't. I am a fan for life, I am sure. My beautiful leather ankle cuffs came in the same packaging as the wrist cuffs, I really almost didn't see any difference in the two sets until I held them side by side. Aside from the size difference, they are identical, which to me is great. The thicker under layer is the same brilliant purple with the same black leather strap for fastening. I just love the whole set.

Well, here are the basic stats and facts to make this as not redundant as possible for you:
The under layer of leather, the purple part, measures in at 2x11 inches, and the black leather fastening strap is 15 inches long, sporting a whopping 14 holes for variable sizing. The diameter range goes from about 2.5 inches to 4.5 inches in diameter, so there is a large size difference that would require one to have really large ankles not to fit, so I would guess that one size fits all is a great term for this set. The leather piece itself is about 1/8 of an inch thick, so it is sturdy and very unlikely to break under even the most intense pressure.

I won't say it can't break, but it held its own against me, so it's pretty strong. The D ring and buckle are both metal, and the ring is mounted between grommets for the strongest possible hold allowable. The leather is soft and velvety, very inviting to the skin, and doesn't chafe.

A few likes (or loves really):
*No bruising...thank heavens....I am sick of bruises
*Non threatening...they are soft and sensual as well as tough
*Super strong and well crafted

These cuffs are great, since they are not connected in anyway you can use them in a million and one ways! Think rope, thing hand cuffs through the D rings, think...well anything really. If you can use it through the D rings you have a way to restrain someone. Plus they won't chip or tear. Also, if you are a guy and want a thicker wrist restraint, these can double as a larger wrist restraint for you. Just some food for thought, you never know :)

Since these do NOT have a quick release on them like some hand cuffs please do NOT leave your partner unattended with these on and no way to safety. You just never know, so be safe please :).

As far as storage and cleaning, it is so simple! The cuffs are a soft leather and don't hold their shape, so you can just lay them flat pretty much anywhere and cover them with whatever and no one will be the wiser. To clean them off just wipe down with a damp cloth and you can use a leather care kit (I do) to care for them and keep them in prime shape over time.

Just the same as the Wrist Cuffs, I totally recommend these cuffs to anyone! Price should be no object here because your comfort is pretty well guaranteed with these. Since they are soft and pretty they work well for any beginner who wants an amazing experience in bondage. And experienced players will enjoy the craftsmanship and standards brought to the table by the Ankle Cuffs from Leatherbeaten. I cannot recommend a better product and suggest anyone interested in these cuffs get a pair NOW.

product picture
Ankle cuffs by Leatherbeaten
Material: Leather