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Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's pink, it's kinky(ish) and it has everything you need (uh, kinda)

Ok, so I received a Pink Kink Kit from Eden Fantasys and I was so eager to open it that it nearlhurt. I just needed to see my new pink leather kink kit that came in it's own organza bag.

The kit includes:
A blindfold
A mini whip
A collar

I will go piece be piece with photos to make this simple:

The Blindfold

The blindfold is pink leather on the outer layer (with a white leather heart in the corner) and faux fur on the inside where it sets over your eyes. The strap to hold it on is made of elastic (not something I was pleased to see) and simply goes around the head to hold the blindfold on.

The elastic wasn't tight enough on my head so I could still see with the blindfold on. I really wish this had an adjustable strap because the overall comfort of this piece was wonderful. I loved how the fur felt against my eyes, soft and plush.

Cleaning can be a bit complex, but not too bad. Hand wash the fur part and let it air dry then fluff back up or brush to make it soft avoid getting the inside too messy avoid makeup before use and if you must wear mascara please use waterproof to avoid staining. To clean the leather just wipe it down with a slightly damp cloth.

The Mini Whip

The whip is 11 inches of pink (relatively stiff) leather. The ends of the whip are squared off, allowing for a slightly sharper sting, which honestly surprises me because I am positive this kit was designed for couples who are not actively into BDSM play. I would imagine that a higher sting level would leave a bad taste in most people's mouths if they aren't into pain play. SO if you don't enjoy pain keep that in mind while you are using the whip. Gentle strokes and very light hitting will help you to avoid a bad experience.

To clean this little whip just wipe it down with a damp cloth, again you can care for the leather, which is rather stiff really, with a nice leather care kit. The leather care may soften the leather over time, I would not be so opposed to that. The handle is a little bit too small for me, I don't care for how "dainty" it feels in my hand since I am used to a much larger flogger.

There is a ring on the end of the whip under the leather wrapping. The ring is well secured, so you can feel good hanging your whip upside down to keep the tails straight for future use. I have mine up in my closet on the side where you can't see them.

I would not recommend this whip to those who have never used one before. If you just feel the need to take this whip to skin, try it on yourself first because there is a serious sting factor rather than the thud most people enjoy. I would not hesitate to say that this whip could draw blood if swung just right.


I actually liked this piece the most. The collar is leather with the word "SEXY" in metal lettering embedded into it. There are four metal snaps for adjustable sizing. The sizing was nice, and it fit snugly, but comfortably on the last snap for my neck. I am pleased to say that I couldn't feel the back of the lettering (which I wish was covered by something to be honest) on my neck. My major complaint is the fact that there are four snap pieces on the top, but only one on the bottom. So when you snap the collar on the smallest setting you are left with extra material that is not secured down so it moves around a lot.

Cleaning and care? Well if you read the other two parts of this review you will get the basic care from there. Also, I want to mention that I really liked this collar for another reason. Some collars hold a very stiff shape, so when they arrive, assuming they were bent up during shipping, they have a bad shape that takes forever to fix because of the packaging.

I probably wouldn't recommend this to someone new to BDSM if they are looking to get into it, but if they don't want a more harsh play and have no intentions of swinging the whip I might say go for it. The quality is really good, I am just worried about the harshness of the leather and the squared off tips. Cleaning is a cinch since it is all leather and can be wiped down easily and really shouldn't get all that messy in the first place. More experienced users will find this either cutesy or cheesy, I liked it because it changes things up for J and I; I have this girly set that almost forces him to be a little more gentle because of it's femininity, for me that is great.

My favorite part, and the reason it gets a 4/5 rather than 3/5 is because of ease of use,and because of the whole package. I love that the kit has everything a beginner needs or a couple needs to get going. I just adore the organza storage bag (I store the kit in it still) it all comes in. The whole package looks nice and has what you need.

product picture
BDSM kit by Spartacus
Material: Metal / Leather / Faux fur