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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tie me up, beat me, love me, I can go all night long Baby!

So....who doesn't love the smell of a good leather product? I know I do! I am lucky enough to have received a set of the Bullhide Wrist Restraints from Eden Fantasys.

The packaging was basic. Clear with the name on the package. No big show, no flashy crap on the box. You could see just what you are getting in your product. I love to be able to see the product, I, personally, am much more apt to buy something I can see. These Bullhide restraints are beautiful. Soft purple under black leather with a metal D ring on each restraint to allow for unlimited positioning options. The buckles are metal as well, which means there is no need to worry about chipping the paint on the D-rings or the buckles at any time. I love restraints, and the quality of this set is top notch. Upon removing them from the box, I could just smell that aroma of fresh leather. A welcoming smell. They are not at all stiff like some restraints, they are nice and soft and well broken in.

The Bullhide restraints are a great one size fits all restraint, I mean that. The underlay measures at about 9.5 inches long, and the overlay that is used to buckle is around 13 inches long. After about the 7th buckle hole the wrist restraint begins to bunch a bit. To avoid the puckering just pick up and lay the pieces over one another again. They will come out even for you. My wrist comes in on the 9th hole with a little room to spare. There are 12 holes total, so plenty of room for larger wrists, or even ankles. If you have super small wrists, this may not be your best fit, but neither will any other buckling restraint for that matter. They have about a 3.5 inch diameter on the largest setting, so they will fit large wrists and ankles as well (although there are matching ankle cuffs).

I was able to pull and yank with no tearing of the leather, or even a sign of strain from it. These babies will hold you tight! While holding your wrists tightly so you cannot run off, the Bullhide Cuffs will not leave bruising or major marks. This can be a huge positive for some people with more high profile jobs that require a healthy and clean look to them.

What I totally love:
*They are comfortable
*They are non-threatening...really while these cuffs are tough and some serious bondage for very experienced players, they are not so overwhelmingly "BDSM" that they can be used by novices too!!!
*Strong leather allows for thrashing around and they will not break

These cuffs do not have a quick release, they are not velcro or snaps, so be sure to be safe and don't leave your partner while he/she is wearing these. If you're restrained and there is some type of emergency you will need your partner to release you.

You can wipe them down with a damp cloth, but I will be using a leather care kit for mine to make them last longer!!!

I store my set in my top dresser drawer with my lingerie. since they are not a super tough leather that holds the shape they will not draw attention to themselves easily. Simply lay flat and cover with clothing and VOILA! You cannot tell they are there.

Just a side note~they do come in a black and red combo or solid black as well!!!

Since they are not attached like handcuffs the uses are infinite!!! You can loop rope, twine, zip ties or whatever through the D-rings and hook them together, or, you can restrain each one separately! Try a number of positions to find what you like. You could tie each one to one side of the bed, hook them up over your head, tie them together in back or in front of your body, the possibilities are endless.

I would recommend these cuffs to anyone, even if you are not into restraining heavily you will like these cuffs. The comfort level would make anyone drool, and because of the colors offered and the pure leather factor they are tough enough for even the most serious and advanced users out there. If you are new to restraints, or perhaps your partner is, the Bullhide Wrist Restraints are 100% comfortable and delicious! If you begin with these you are beginning your experience on a positive note!

Value for Price: Update to come
Overall Star Rating: 5/5

product picture
Wrist cuffs by Leatherbeaten
Material: Leather