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Saturday, August 8, 2009

They must have screwed up the measurements he gave them...yup that's it, they messed up. He's gonna be mad as all hell. It's huge, way too big for me. Ugh, he'll make me try it anyway...I know him, he will. How can I get out of this? I don't want to use this monstrosity they made.

It is pretty though, clear glass, custom made with a not so slight curve. Smooth, brand new, and he did order it just for me, just to make me happy. Gosh, I guess I had better tell him I got it. The least they could have done is included a protective casing for it. What if it falls and breaks?

You must be kidding? You haven't even seen it yet; it's way bigger than I thought it would be." J just sighed "you're being dramatic, let me see it for size. I know what I ordered and it wasn't that big." "Fine, but I am warning you, this could hurt me because of the size" I responded, hoping, halfheartedly, that he would side with me, I knew he wouldn't; I never win arguments, and whining like a seven year old wasn't helping my case. I opened the peanut packed box the glass toy arrived it, still mildly irritated that they charge one hundred dollars a piece for these things and didn't even include protective casing or anything, not you typical "toy" store if you ask me. At any rate I pulled out a piece of smooth clear glass formed and shaped with the curve custom added, the new plug sure is a sight, it's beautiful and pristine and well, glass!

I held it up in my hand, the damn thing is as big as my hand with the curve. J just laughed, "well it is a lot bigger than I anticipated, but guess're using it anyway," I could hear the amusement in his voice, he could sense my apprehension. I could just see that smile, the one that says fight me, fine, but you will always do. "It's huge and it will hurt, no way!" Yeah, right like that ever had a chance of convincing him, please. And there it was, that moment of sincerity that would make me lose my mind. "Baby, come on, you have to try it at least once. I got this for you and I want you to use it. Just try it, if you hate it we will reassess. You know I love you." Well shit, that failed...I lost, right there. He can be so fucking loving and sweet, and I just stop in my tracks. I am caught off guard, even after seven years, he still takes my breath away, and I am rendered helpless. I need him and I have to make him happy. So there it was, I would try the toy, and I'd be damned if I didn't enjoy it for him.


My new glass plug came the other day and I really deliberated on telling J it came. It was massive, well by my standards of course. I just couldn't believe it. But as big as it was I was enamored, it is gorgeous, amazingly perfect. Clear glass, so basic, yet so pretty.

I wish my camera was working so I could get a clear shot of it and post it, but I can't. We [he] custom ordered this piece, I love glass and he laid the specs out and had one made. I do love it, just wish, at the least, the widest part was a bit more narrow.

Of course J convinced me that I would need to use it, and I did. Holy cow! I am still in some pain, by only my own fault for being so damned determined. J never said I had to be able to get it all the way in the first time, but I had to do it for me, to prove that I would do anything for him. Well, it never made it all the way. Too painful. Oops :)

I am still fueled with that determination, I will continue to work until I can do it. I decided this morning that I would ask J if I could play with it without him around so that I could work and see if I can get used to it, that way I can show him when I do succeed. I am sure I would just love this beauty if it wasn't so damn big. We did decide that I could get a smaller (non glass) one. Not too big on the non glass part, but he won't pay the thirty some odd dollars for something I have already. He just said that I could get a smaller one; at least I am getting that much!

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I will write a full review once I am not so angry with the I can be fair.