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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Petite Couture

The Petite Couture: Enchanted
by California Exotics

I think my poor mailman thinks I am nuts, and I know he must wonder what I am getting in all these packages because I basically accosted him when my package came last week.

Yes, I have been holding out for a week, waiting for my full review to go live on Eden Fantasies.

So in short, I love it. Soft silicone toys are way cool. I love that it moves and is so very soft to the touch. The only issue I have is more of a personal annoyance with the fact that it somehow collects dust easily. Of course an easy fix to that would be just to wipe it down with a wet wipe, not problem!

Seven inches and very flexible, but not quite enough to hit the G-Spot, unfortunately. The kick ass thing? Ha! This sucker only has TWO buttons. One is strictly on/off and the other is the function button. Seven raging functions, from a very low and hard to hear hum to a vibrating massage of the higher plain vibe. Let's not forget the five other functions of varying speeds and proportions.

Silicone! Wow, it is so pliable. Let's not forget to use water based lubes though. It is a little thin, so not so great for insertion, in my opinion anyway. I did like it for clit stimulation, super fun and lots and lots of options to choose from. I know, I know, a lot of vibes have seven settings, but here's the thing, the setting levels are very different from one another. AMAZING!!!

Click Here for my full review at Eden Fantasies

The Petite Couture: Enchanted
by California Exotics

Noise Level: 2/5
Vibration Level: 4/5
Value for Price: 5/5

Overall Star Rating: 4/5