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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Batter up!

Mini Baseball Bat...ha! It really does look just like a little bat, so cute! It's made of plastic with a little velvety feel to it, nice and soft as well well as super cute. Mine was left out and was mistaken as a toy for my kids, so trust me it is discreet enough that anyone who may find it won't know right away what it is (added bonus of course).

Since it's plastic it is pretty simple to clean...warm water and toy cleaner (or soap), or you can wipe it down with alcohol. Any lubricant is good for use, which is always nice.

I used this a few times, first just your basic clitoral stimulation. This little bat is a powerhouse of vibration. Since there is only one level, high, I had to work up to it. Most of the vibrations are located in the middle of the bullet, but because it's so small you can easily use that to your advantage by using the whole thing rather than just the end of it. Basic on/off button located at the small end of the toy is very convenient, you can turn it on or off while playing.

I also used it in the shower to test the waterproof(ness). Worked like a charm, I even held it in the bath tub just to see if it would stop working, nope, it kept right on vibrating! Like I said, a powerhouse. Unfortunately it was quite loud for such a small toy. I was fairly surprised at the level of buzz volume. Wow. If you want to play and you have roommates, I suggest waiting until you have the place to yourself, otherwise, you may be found out (unless of course you would like that).

I also found that if you have a knot in your neck, this will take it out. My neck hurt, so out of curiosity I put the cleaned bullet on the spot that hurt so badly, well was like having one of those back message machines (miniaturized) on my neck, so localized and strong that my neck actually loosened up some! Just a great little side note for anyone interested.

I would not use this anally ever, since it is a stand alone bullet you may lose it, and that could suck. Also, please be sure to remove the battery (one 1N...there is one included in the package) before storing, you can lengthen the life of the battery this way.

As an added benefit there are some tips (I will not give them away here) on the package. Ideas for use! AWESOME! The packaging designers were brilliant with this idea. And because of that I would say this product would work well for EVERYONE!!! Advanced users can have their fun, and those who have never seen a bullet before have a few usage ideas located right on the back of the packaging!

Noise Level: 3/5
Vibration Level: 4/5
Value for Price: 5/5

Overall Star Rating: 3/5