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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Ok, so a few months back J saw some body chains that really reminded me of a chakra piece I wanted a few years back. Well, this was a non-piercing nipple chain with a full body chain attached. After looking at several examples I began to bug the living crap out of him to let me make my own. Of course he wanted to just buy one, but I am all kinds of crafty and since I haven't been crafting lately I thought this would be great for me. I am so very excited to say that he caved and I will be making my own!!! Yay me!

I love to do stuff like this and I can't wait to make my own body chains. I want to do a basic one first, of course mine will attach to my nipple rings and go down to my belly. Eventually I want gold rings so I can make a gold body chain for myself. I also want one in black that can connect to a collar, more like slave chains really. I saw some today that I just fell madly in love with! They were full out harem chains. Attached to a choker, then down to some rhinestone wrist cuffs and went down to the waist for the bellychain. I am so full of ideas I don't know what to do with myself right now.

I just know that when J sees this on me he will flip, he should absolutely fall in love with me all over again. I only hope I can make them at a good cost so I can have several sets for him to choose from as his moods change. As soon as I can tomorrow I am going to JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby to get what I need to get this thing made so I can show him that he doesn't need to buy it. Now, I am not stupid, I know doing things myself is a lot more costly than just buying them, but I am looking at it like this: J can choose what he likes and I can make it myself just for his taste and liking. He can choose the colors, he can choose the adornments and he can choose the chain types if he'd like. Come on now, how much better can it possibly get for a man. Plus I am making it for him. He will be in mind the entire time I am working on it, while I try it on and perfect it, and while I present it. This is his gift from me.