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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Benny Fell Out!

I am feeling a little off today. Mostly in large part because I am so fucking tired all the time. Running and going and moving and never ending bullshit of everyday life. God I miss J more than anyone human girl should ever miss her man. I have a longing just to crawl into his arms and stay there for a week. I feel helpless and lost right now, at least I know he does what he can to alleviate that pain for me.

A few interesting things from yesterday:

I made a trip to Joann's, hoping that I could get out of there in under $20. Yeah right, I am not entirely sure that has ever happened to me before, why the hell would it happen then? I rounded up some chain (not the one I wanted, but whatever), then some link pieces and some swarovski crystals and an amazing belly piece. Kids drove me fucking batty the whole damn time...I paid ($50 oops) a bit over budget, but still I did have to get the pliers for jewelry making, and they were 30% off :) Came home and made a cute body chain set that I love. It sets down into a necklace, and has two nipple chains (that will soon be fixed so they can connect to my rings since I am pierced), the center line runs down to a belly chain and hooks around the waist. Bright silver with AB stones and Lavender crystals.

I am already planning my next one...I want some slave chains for at home with J. I want two sets, one just like I described, but the chain will be about two sizes bigger for the slave look and rather than a necklace it will connect directly to a collar. Then I would also like to make one with wrist cuffs as well (Harem Chains), they make for quite an amazing sight and would look good on any sub or slave, especially if you like to frequent local dungeons...I know I would be well dressed for the occasion.

Then there was the Ben Wah incident...
Are you kidding me? I can hold those suckers in for a while normally, but yesterday they were slippin' and slidin' out in under a minute. I couldn't hold them in for shit! Un.Freaking.Real. No matter how hard I tried they just slid right out. I must have had some serious issues yesterday for that to happen to me. Back to the drawing board...I am going to wear them for an hour today come hell or high water they had better stay in for at least 15 minutes!!! GGGRRRR

Oh and...
Remember that amazing glass plug J bought me? Yeah. It still hasn't quite made it all the way in yet. Yipes! So I tried again yesterday...yup, I got hurt. I still hurt. Unreal. The damn thing never made it in, and I am in pain. The ass pain might well be worth it if that fucking piece of glass would just do what I ask of it. I swear they made it larger on purpose. I am the next four weeks, I swear it, that stupid thing will find it's way or it will become an overpriced paperweight.