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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

There are no words to describe what was going through my head when I opened the box of new toys J ordered last week. Especially this one. I was really hesitant to try it. I am not a strap-on fan; I was a little annoyed, and I think he noticed, which I am sure annoyed him. I opened the box up and unwrapped is made of rubber and had veins running around it. The Vacu-Lock 6 inch Raging Hard On Dong by Doc Johnson (I love everything I buy made by them). It was not a let down at all though. Heavy and firm enough, but I could still squeeze it together enough to know that playing with it would be a bit fun.

As a side note while I was washing all the toys (I do this when I first get them even if I won't be using them just to be sure they are clean when they go in with the other toys), I had to clean one and I had just finished cleaning this one and I wasn't sure where to set it because it was still wet. I had to hold it with my mouth to wash the other toys. Almost like having the real thing...hmmmm.

Of course J wanted me to play with all my new toys, so this was the one I really played with, and I must say it was great. It was almost like having my husband fuck me (ok, well not really...humans way outperform rubber, but whatever). Firm and still pliable enough to allow my muscles to contract while I had an orgasm. I could definitely feel the ridges, although I am not sure everyone will be able to feel them. I usually feel even the smallest ridges. The material used to make this was perfect. With just a little lubrication this could easily be used anally. And because it isn't rigid like others it would even be good for someone to try for the first time.