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Monday, July 20, 2009

Don is wild

I'm working on a better picture, I know this one sucks plus it does this amazing wand no justice at all. It is a Don Wand glass wand with an amber swirl on the wand end. I bought this as a double pleasure toy. I told J I wanted to keep my anal and vaginal toys separate for sanitary reasons...neurotic I know. Well, I was willing to break that rule for glass toys because they can be cleaned so easily and they are non-porous. I looked at a few places and found some glass toys I wanted, but since J is gone he wanted my new toy to be small for (for lack of better words) pussy play. Hey, no problem...wands! It is a whopping 1 inch around and the little swirls give it just enough feel for some fun. Since it is glass I needed no lubrication whatsoever. That rocks! I played for a while and I loved it. For anal play all you really need is just a little lubrication because it is so darn smooth. Plus since it is only 1 inch it is not a huge issue pain wise. Again, the swirl adds just enough texture. I am not too great with the whole ass fucking thing, but wow did this little guy make it worth while. I truly enjoyed using it, and can't wait to play with it again. An added bonus, Don Wand toys come with (not always though) a plus bag to keep your investment safe from breakage. Mince came with the luxurious leopard bag seen in the photo. It is very well padded, and I can leave my toy on the dresser and no one will be the wiser (I won't though since my little people might get curious).