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Monday, July 20, 2009

Curves rock!

Doc Johnson's 8 function 4.25 inch vibrator, the De La Curve!!! This is so very pretty and petite. I think it is a great vibrator. This would be perfect for someone who has never before owned a vibe and is looking to have something powerful and nice. Velvet touch, small, and beautiful jewels are all appealing to a girl who has never touched a vibe before; for the rest of us...this thing packs a punch, ok, it won't send you soaring, but the power it has plus its beauty is enough to make me recommend it. I like to use it with other toys because it is so small and I like the clit stimulation it offers. I love all things blingy and pretty, so when J told me to get a new vibe to replace my Travel Buddy, this was my natural choice. I had my eye on this little beauty the night we bought Travel Buddy. Since then I have wanted one. Another vibe almost beat it out, but I loved the small size and couldn't pass this up. I must admit I did make an ass out of myself. When the store power tested it they put the paper back in upside down. For several days I was very distraught over the fact that my pretty new toy was broken. I finally took it back and asked the girl for help (right like that wasn't bad enough). I realized then when I took a closer look that I had been putting the batteries in upside down. What the hell? Geeze. Would I recommend this...YES!