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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sad news at home

Well, last night was sad for the small people. The beloved "Fishy Fish" died of what I am guessing would have been swelling of the brain if he were human. The youngest dropped the tank and the fish fell to the floor, by the time I got him into new water he was still alive, but he died about 10 minutes later. The kids are sad, and I am sure we will have to bury him, as it is only right.

On the flip Liberator Combo (Black Label) set came yesterday afternoon. The only thing that really sucks is that since J is gone I have no one to tie me down and fuck me (did I say that out loud?). I wish he were here so we could try this sucker out. I can just imagine the creativity he would have with it...ooohhh. No sight, arms and legs restrained, who knows what he'd do or for how long. Geeze, I miss him so much. He'd better have something good planned for the next time we get some alone time together.