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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fluffy Flogger...kicks some ass, or hits it anyway!!!

With 30 inches of faux fur and suede straps, this is so great! A bit pricey, I think I paid $46.00 for my black and white one. I really wanted the pink, and you never know, I may order a pink one too, but I couldn't get a pink one and say "here baby, here's the flogger you told me to get." Yeah, like that would go over well with man. The fluffy fur takes a bit of the sting off the actual blows, which will help when J gets ahold of this sucker; at the same time you can pull the fluffy part aside and hold it against the handle while you whip with just the suede, there's the sting you're looking for. So you have many toys all in one. A light playful teaser, and sensual flogger, just kick up the power behind the hits and you go up to a beginners flogger, then lose the fur all together...OUCH! Or not, ouch for a second, but then what?