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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Limits? What are those? I swear I used to have a list of my hard limits, but sometimes I wonder why I made the damn list anyway. I have hard limits, those will never move. Unfortunately J seems to think that my limits are negotiable...well, the ones he knows he can change my mind on (even if they are hard limits). He would never try to change my mind on a limit he thought could possibly upset me, but there is one thing I refuse to thing I cannot stand the idea small favor he desires...what is that?

Sex while I am on on my period...bloody, angry, tired, bloated and everything else that goes with it. Now, I know plenty of girls enjoy sex on their periods; I am not one of them. I get violently sick from cramping, headaches, backaches, and I want nothing to do with any form of sexual contact whatsoever. He asked to watch me play with myself...well, less of an ask and more of a this is how it will happen...we had words, I lost and well I did it. The worst part? I was going to make damn sure he didn't see me get off...well with the embarrassment and all I had my orgasm. Well, crap that didn't go over least he is happy with the whole ordeal.