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Monday, July 20, 2009

Ben what where?

Just kidding, I know all about Ben Wah Balls. I was so excited to get my first set. Although, I must admit I still have trouble holding them in for a long period of time. I do like them though. I got this set, steel with brass plating. I chose metal because the disinfecting process is so much nicer. I don't feel much with them, but I would definitely recommend them to anyone of my friends.

They have several options out there for Ben Wah Balls, they have the velvet touch, metal, plastic, small and large...any thing you can imagine. I wish these had the string attached, but oh well. You can purchase them with strings for easy removal. They even have items other than Ben Wah Balls. K-Balls, pearls, glass, all types click here to see. Why did I suddenly decide I wanted these? That's easy, better muscle control. I don't have muscle issues, but you can always get better. J bought them for me when I told him about them. The rule is one hour a day minimum, while at home and not out and about. Easy peasy, I can do that! So I do, while I am doing laundry and dishes, if I have nothing to do I just put my laptop on the kitchen counter and surf the web while watching a show. I really like these and thing every girl should own a set!!!