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Monday, July 20, 2009

Club Jenna Toys X2

LOVE this new bullet!!! Love it! Powerful, pretty and soft. Plus there are two bullets, so that means double play is allowed...yay! Since I am a little finicky about anal and vaginal sharing, I marked one to know it was for anal play ONLY! There are seven functions, with three different kick ass. It took me a while to figure out the controller, but I got it :) The controller uses two AAA batteries (which I had to go buy because I didn't have AAA). One of the poor cords met an untimely death...soooooo...I had to go looking for a new one.

How did my bullet die? A child was sniffing around my room and through my stuff and wanted a "back massage," she even showed me how it worked by tossing it over her back by the cord. All I could do was laugh. I ended up buying a whole new set...this time in blue. The good news? Well, now I have an extra controller :) Plus I can use the blue for insertion and the pink for clitoral stimulation!!! HAHA!!! I have THREE bullets to play with now...thanks kid!