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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kama Sutra...winner like always

Kama Sutra...when I hear this I think of powders and oils and other sensual items. Umm. I guess not everyone hears that though, which is sad if you ask me (and since this is my DID). My bestie says she thinks of crazy sexual positions that men try to have their wives do, nearly always resulting in a trip to the E.R., not me. I think of a bohemian style packaging with wonderful scents inside it. And a feather duster for the dusts. Yum.

Ok, so I'll go right ahead and begin with the packaging. The dust bag comes packaged in a tin with the Kama Sutra boho wrapping around it. Once you get the lid off you will find a black bag with a plastic bag in it holding the Honey Dust. And a feather tickler for dust application. The dust is really fine, and it will pouf everywhere if you aren't baking cocoa style. Everywhere. I mean it.

You aren't going to want to put the powder into the pouch without the plastic baggy because of the fine nature of the powder. It will go through, it will make a huge mess, the whole nine. I actually keep mine in the tin without the bags at all. This works for me because of the ease of just being able to dip the feathers in and get to the powder.

Ok, now in actual use? Kama Sutra for the win! This Honey Dust is AMAZING!!! Seriously. It is so versatile it is disgusting. You can powder yourself before sex, after the shower (be sure you're dry first please), before a date, or just to go to the store. Really, this is a great item to make you feel sensual. And the duster is excellent for some sensual teasing in the bedroom :)

I wear mine daily, I have two flavors, Honey and Raspberry. It gets humid during summer so I put some on before I go anywhere in order to keep a bit more dry. The powder keeps you dry, as would any body powder with cornstarch (the main ingredient...along with glucose and flavoring). Just like diaper powder keeps a baby's bottom dry, this does the same for us adults (and it smells wonderful at the same time). I use it on my cleavage and my inner legs to keep dry and comfortable...and being kissable is a great side affect.

I also put the powder on after every shower (once I am totally dry). This gives me a slight scent and a very light taste...that way, when J kisses my neck, he isn't tasting perfume. Now, this does need care when used around the vaginal area because of the sugar in it (I sure am not a fan of yeast infections).

Honey Dust wears well during the day without the nasty clumping and gathering one would expect. It seems to just rest on the top of the skin and give a satiny feel to the skin. It comes off very easily in the shower and vacuums up if {try again...when} you spill it.

I have been using this product for years, and will continue to use it. I love it, and highly recommend it!!!

product picture
Powder by KamaSutra