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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Symphony of vibration

Cal Exotics sent me the Symphony Massager for a Sexpert review. I was a little more pleased with this toy than I have with a lot of the new toys Cal Exotics has been offering. The shape is very reminiscent of the Liberte vibe. It looks like a small personal back massager. The vibrator comes in a clear box, you know, the unmistakable "I'm a sex toy" box that so many toys come in. It is clear, you can see exactly what the toy looks like without ever needing to open the box, which is nice if you are in a physical toy store. The vibrator is in the tip of the toy, always a plus when it comes to feeling the vibrations. The width is only 1.5 inches, but it really has no bearing due to the fact that this is clitoral vibrator. There are five different vibrations you can get with the Symphony:
Moderate (vibe)
Intense (vibe)

It is also waterproof. The end cap is tight enough that I did have to fight it to get it off the vibrator, but it is well worth the trade to be totally waterproof, in my opinion. There is a single button to go through all the functions (not something I prefer, but it works) located about the lower middle of the toy. The Symphony is shaped to be held comfortably in your hand for solo play, and even has an indent for a finger for added clitoral pressure for those who need it (aka ME). The Symphony is delightfully discreet for the most part. I mean, if you know sex toys you will likely know what it is off the bat, but for others it isn't as obvious. I am actually able to leave mine on my bookshelf next to the bed. I keep my massage oil by it, and no one ever notices it, not even my nosy little 5 year old.
As far as how well it works, I can say that while it did work it was great. Every set of batteries I put in died very fast, but I am assuming that is likely the specific toy I received and not the whole set. The vibrations were not as deep and rumbly as I like, but I know a lot of women who prefer the more high pitched vibrations...if you're one of them, this is an awesome vibrator for you. On a total upside you are free to use either water or silicone based lubricants without fear of damaging your new toy. When the batteries begin to die you will notice that the toy will only to the steady vibration levels for you. It is an excellent indicator that it is time to change batteries.

As I said on actual use before, mine ate through batteries very very quickly. Before it began to die rapidly I did get some great play time in with it. The Symphony is not the mind blowing, orgasm delivering strength some of us prefer, but because of the ease of adding pressure with your own hand the toy is simple to use and does deliver smaller orgasms (for me anyway). I had to use a lot of added pressure, but for someone who likes external stimulation (hell you can really use the Symphony anywhere you damn well please) the Symphony offers a great amount of stimulation. This is awesome for someone who may be newer to toys and wants something simple, with multi-speed options, and discreet. While I might recommend this for people who have a lot of experience with toys, it wouldn't be the first toy I would recommend to them.