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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So we have been crazy busy over here. J got home and about a week later the dogs got out and ran off to God knows where. I actually got a call saying someone saw one of them running around Harding Rd (mind you that is a big fucking street), like I am supposed to not take my kids to school, call the bank to yell at them, and do my other 39,667 I have to do today just so I can drive for another three hours looking for a dog that is, more than likely, not mine...again. Ugh. But I miss my babies, and I want them home more than you can imagine. I just know someone has my beagle and has seen one of my 200 ads and is refusing to give him back...I hope he bites them in the shins. Ok, I am clearly lacking sleep too.

After the pups ran off I had to go to the Dr for a raging
UTI, gee, I can't imagine how I would get one of those (you know, since J is home after a year of being gone). When I got home the MIL has this retarded look on her face and J says to pack our shit, we are moving to San Diego. Are you fucking with me? No, he wasn't he got the job in San Diego, and now...we get to go. Ok, well, he will go in a week or two, then we wait for the midgets to get out of school, then I will get to go out there. Stoked. So, we are looking at apartments, and condos in San Diego, Alpine, and Poway. Yippee!!!

Oh, and to make matters better, I finally got my E-stim vibe in the mail from EF yesterday :)