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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Passion Flower G

I have thought long and hard on how to write this particular here you have it:

What is that thing?
It is the Passion Flower G made by California Exotics, a vibrator made for women. The end curves to hit the g-spot while the two nubs are located to offer not only clitoral stimulation, but some anal stimulation as well. It is made of TPE which can be cleaned with a toy cleaner and warm water or a quick rub down with alcohol (no, not the kind you drink), and it can be used with either silicone or water based lubricants. It is only 1 inch wide and is about 3 3/4 inches long, so it is a relatively small toy. There is a bullet located at the base with a push button control with one vibration setting. The flower part of the toy is meant to be added stimulation, because let's face it, some women need clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm.

How well does it work?
Well...that is where it gets a bit tricky. First off, I think the stem that is meant for vaginal insertion greatly resembles ET's finger, which to me is kind of gross (but hey, no judgments here). The stem part fails to hit my g-spot, but we are all different. The biggest issue though is the material, because it is so pliable that it doesn't carry the vibrations well at all, and is too soft to even begin to offer g-spot stimulation {for me}. Basically it was like being finger fucked by a 15 year old boy who just wants to hit a home run; you can feel it, but it isn't all that interesting.

The flower...oh my. The clitoral stimulator doesn't do too much for me, but I can imagine that some women might really enjoy this. It does vibrate fast and it is soft enough that no real discomfort is actually possible. But, if you need pressure you are SOL. The anal It does nothing, nada, zip, zilch. I felt nothing, I didn't even realize it was there. I would be more specific, but really, I felt nothing at all. The petals vibrate some, so if you like having your labia played with this can be a benefit for you.

I don't like anal play...
Don't worry, this feature didn't work. There, feel better now?

Can I share this toy?
Sure, with a toy cover...I would recommend a condom, but I am not sure they run this small. The upside? If you are new to toys this won't be too large for your first one :)

What did you like the least? The most?
Well, I liked the overall concept, and if you like toys like this, well great! It is wonderful to have a triple stimulation toy on hand (if it works). But, I don't care much for TPE because if you have pubic hair it will catch, stick and tug. That is so not sexy at all and can ruin a toy for you. Also, it had little slits for straps, I was all cool, it has straps, but then it didn't. Then I was all you have to buy straps separate, well that's stupid. If you are going to make a strap on vibrator for women, put a set of straps in the box please, it's just rude not to.

Overall this would be a nice toy if it came with straps, was silicone (for the stiffness), and reached any of the spots it was supposed to. I was really disappointed, but in my opinion vibes like these often fall short.

This toy was provided by California Exotics