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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blah, blah, blah...BULLSHIT

Oh sorry, I may feel a rant coming on here. I know, I know...where the hell are the reviews Alley? Well, geeze people give me a moment. I will have a new review or two up by tonight...YAY. Anywho...this blog isn't just about reviews...I have a life too (kinda).

Well, I love Facebook, but good heavens people...


I don't care that you haven't slept in two weeks because your child is teething. Been there. Done that. Get the hell over it.

I don't care if your husband won't help with the dishes. Lots of women do dishes all by themselves. Get the hell over it. Oh and if he notices that you spend 12 hours a day on FB bitching about him and he chooses to leave's your own damn fault you idiot.

Gosh people. Aren't we just a wee bit selfish.

I haven't slept in months...sick kids, sick me and my stupid hospitalizations. I have been poked and prodded to Georgia and back. My hair is falling out, I was diagnosed as postmenopausal...blah blah blah. Who the hell really cares.
*Ok, well I care about that stuff, but that isn't the point of this rant*

I really wish people would make a concentrated effort to SMILE. Just once a day. That's all. Just a smile.

On a wonderful up note I had a fun experience online with J today. Hehehe. It was totally innocent until he decided I needed an orgasm. Um...ok? I will take it when I can get it. Plus he should be home soon so let the doors be ready to be locked for a long time!!!

I am demanding at least 48 hours child free. After that I will go back to being Mommy by day and sex toy by...well, whenever J wants. :) I have some restraints that need some SERIOUS attention.